5 reasons why content marketing is important

2 Sep 2020

Content marketing

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If you’ve ever found yourself questioning the value of content marketing, or stuck on how best to strategise, then sit back and take note. As a business owner or marketer, investing time in content, only to be let down by little engagement or difficulty measuring ROI, can leave you demotivated and thinking “What’s the point? It’s only a few words!” 

But, there is a method to the madness, as they say, and we’re here to give you the low-down on why content marketing is so important.

1. Linkable assets

Companies are turning to creative content assets to help drive links to their site. Marketers are understanding more that they need to create unique, engaging or interactive content to stand out and for other sites to genuinely want to link to. From infographics, polls, online calculator tools to whitepapers and map-o-graphics, companies are creating better, linkable content that brings better value to their target audiences. Sites wanting to improve their SEO love a good linkable asset!

2. Building a brand

Content marketing helps a business grow online and strengthens their brand. Whatever content is being created, the house style, logos, branding and layout all need to be clean and instantly recognisable. With regular content, you can create those memorable touchpoints, especially if you have a clear tone and messaging. 

3. Creating authority

You could be the authoritative go-to voice in your industry if you create pieces of content others can rely on. Whether it’s in-depth guides, tutorials, whitepapers, case-studies or a tech breakdown, scheduling regular and relevant content can deliver invaluable insights that puts you and your business at the forefront of your industry and will have others coming to you regularly for advice and guidance.  

4. Growing your social media

Who’s going to want to ‘like’ or follow you if you’re inactive or have nothing to say? With social calendars and reactive content, businesses are capitalising cleverly on social media, hashtags and movements with great viral potential. If you can create funny, educational and insightful content, from videos to interactive posts (all on brand, of course) you’ll soon be gaining traction, followers and leads. 

5. Standing out with SEO

Content for SEO is vital. Having a content plan with focused keywords gives more ranking opportunities. The more content you put out there, along with keyword research and a well-thought out SEO strategy, the more chance of hitting those top spots and gaining Google snippet opportunities. 

So get those content calendars planned, developed and polished along with SEO strategies to start taking your site and brand to the next level. 

Not sure what content direction your brand needs to take? Let us develop a tailored content marketing plan for you, all with SEO and lead-generation in mind. 

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