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    Why do PPC?

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    Never underestimate keywords and search engine tools in their use as an efficient marketing tool. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing – just like SEO – has developed so sophisticatedly over the years, in order to work with search engines like Google, providing better quality user experiences and resources.

    With an in-depth review and research of your market, PPC lead generation campaigns are optimised to drive qualified leads directly to your website. Not only that, they can:

    • Improve your site’s keyword rankings and traffic
    • Target specific stages of the buying process
    • Attract new site visitors who want what you’re offering
    • Tailor messages to specific searches
    • Accurately report on ROI
    • Grow your customer database to widen marketing reach

    Putting money into every click-to-visit of your website and seeing returns means PPC campaigns need to have thorough and ongoing audits, and constant research and management.

    With the changing needs of Google and display adverts, it is vital you have an experienced PPC team to manage this data-driven marketing avenue. That’s where we are invaluable. Our Bolton-based PPC agency has years of experience in managing a vast and diverse range of clients – seeing them through well-thought-out and meticulous PPC campaigns.

    Our PPC agency services

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    PPC auditing service

    Every marketing strategy needs a scrutinous approach with ongoing audits that looks at spend amounts, the scale of opportunity and Click Through Rate (CTR) success, amongst other things. For any successful PPC campaign, an ongoing PPC review is essential and that’s why we make it a priority to conduct free monthly audits for all our clients.

    Our in-depth PPC audits are hugely beneficial and insightful, as they provide expert and detailed feedback highlighting areas for improvement. Auditing is always the starting point of any PPC strategy we oversee – you can’t go forward without knowing where you’ve been. From there, our expert PPC team will deliver monthly audits to increase CTR, conversion rates and to ensure campaigns are working to optimum efficiency.

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    PPC management

    Our dedicated PPC management team has proven strategies to maximise potential opportunities, all with a lead-generation goal in mind:

    • The PPC management consists of constant monitoring and reporting of all campaigns with analytical updates to limit spend wastage
    • We don’t do a one-size-fits-all approach as we make sure your unique requirements are catered for, all looked after by a dedicated account manager
    • With multi-channel deliverance, we promote and support campaigns across many avenues to increase exposure and commercial potential
    • Every business is different, we understand this and so that’s why we have no minimum contract, all we ask for is a 30-day notice
    • Campaigns are tailored effectively for different displays, aimed at reducing fee costs and to increase PPC profit margins
    • Ongoing research and monitoring are carried out to analyse the PPC landscape and to adapt when necessary – guaranteeing optimum ROI
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    Bid management

    One key part of a successful PPC strategy is bid management. If you don’t get this right, results can be severely affected. That’s why it’s crucial you have a dedicated team who knows just how to optimise bidding and monitors accounts closely.

    In order to do PPC bid management efficiently, you need to be a sticker for data, and it just so happens that we at TAL Agency are just that. Here are the kinds of things our highly skilled team delves into to make sure PPC campaigns and bids are expertly optimised:

    • Researching keywords and looking out for new trends and matching key terms
    • Monitoring geographics – where are customers clicking and visiting sites from?
    • Analysing mediums of devices to see what customers are using when they click ads
    • Tracking online activity closely – using demographics and data to inform strategy and bidding
    • Understanding peak times or days for when customers click and visit ads

    PPC A/B testing

    For any scientific process, A/B testing is incredibly invaluable and insightful in helping to determine the best method by giving you more informed and comparative results. It’s no different for PPC and figuring out which campaign works better. It’s all about figuring out what’s best for you. A/B testing can help figure this out, as it’s all about getting a more objective and accurate answer to see if one certain combination performs better than another.
    Here’s a few things to tweak in PPC A/B testing:

    • The title tag or headline
    • The main body of text or copy
    • The link
    • The keywords displayed in the ad
    • Any pictures used for certain display ads

    Each point comes with careful considerations. Let’s look at an example. We might need to make sure the link is not too long, overcomplicated and accurately reflects what is being offered. Then, you might test a few versions of the link with different keywords to get a better understanding of what terms are generating more clicks.

    As you can see, there’s a lot that can be tested and with that, you need experienced and knowledgeable PPC A/B testers, and account managers to report back. These are experts who can make executive decisions to get the best results, while you focus on what you do best; making quality products or offering impeccable services.

    Display advertising

    When it comes to raising brand awareness, so many businesses are left scratching their heads wondering how best to achieve this. In the digital domain, display advertising is one of the best ways to raise brand awareness amongst your target audience.

    Whereas traditional PPC and Google Ads are designed with CTR in mind, digital display advertising focuses more on brand recognition and influence since target audiences are already engaged in alternate activities.

    Digital display ads are designed to appear beside content or on third party websites, which relate to your target audience’s interests. This does not mean to say there can’t be eventual conversion as using an engaging display ad campaign can form part of a sophisticated, reinforcing marketing strategy to bring brands into the back of people’s minds when they are constantly online.

    Together with PPC and paid social media, an integrated digital display ad campaign can be formed to align with your target market’s interests and behaviours – to better capture attention and increase brand recognition and lead generation.

    Why work with anyone else?

    At TAL Agency, we don’t just love PPC. We also have the technical expertise and experience to deliver incredible campaigns and outstanding results for all our clients.

    We’ve managed clients from a diverse range of sectors, delivering successful PPC campaigns with commercial goals. Our numbers speak for themselves – for instance, we’re proud to have helped one retail client gain a 42% revenue growth over a three-month period compared to the same period a year prior!

    Day in, day out, we’re helping businesses prosper with digital strategies that are invaluable for a marketing plan and PPC is one results-driven part of it.

    See how PPC can work for your business by getting in touch with TAL Agency today.

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