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    Why do International SEO?

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    Thinking of going global? You need an international SEO strategy. 

    If you’re hoping to target multiple markets internationally, traditional SEO just won’t cut it. Instead, you’ll need to improve your search visibility in other countries by tailoring your marketing efforts to different languages, locations, currencies, and commonly used search engines. This is the best way for you to break into new markets and scale your business exponentially.

    International SEO is the process of optimising web pages so that search engines know which countries you are trying to target. This will help Google (or any other search engine) recommend the most relevant version of your website to international customers (i.e. your pages written in German will be recommended to German web users).

    Although local SEO has been highlighted by Google in the past few years, this doesn’t mean that international SEO isn’t important. International SEO is simply geo-targeting on a larger scale than local SEO, offering you the opportunity to target markets in different countries in addition to local markets near your business.

    How does an international SEO strategy work?

    A successful international SEO strategy lets search engines know that your content is suitable for searchers based in a particular country. This can be done by using the right language for a particular region, using hreflang tags, choosing the most commonly used keywords in a particular location, using country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), and so on.

    These successful strategies may not always revolve around Google. A key part of international SEO is understanding markets in different countries, and Google isn’t the top search engine for some of the biggest markets. For example, Baidu is the biggest search engine in China, Naver is the biggest search engine in South Korea, and Yandex is the most commonly used search engine in Russia.

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    Why do international SEO?

    So what’s in it for you? A strong international SEO strategy can offer you:

    • The ability to target new markets in new locations
    • A way to tailor your brand’s messaging to align with different languages and cultures
    • Improved brand recognition and awareness in foreign markets
    • The ability to grow your business internationally and greatly increase your profits

    An international SEO strategy works best if all elements work together seamlessly. Here at TAL Agency, we offer a wide range of international SEO services that work hand-in-hand to help you achieve the very best results:

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    International technical SEO

    Our technical SEO experts will ensure that your website is properly optimised for international search engines. After performing a full audit of your website, they will implement hreflang code and the correct geolocation settings to show search engines which pages are appropriate for different international markets, helping you avoid duplicate content and rank in different countries. They will also help you with using ccTLDs, subdirectories, subfolders and subdomains to target specific locations.

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    International on-page SEO

    Even in countries that use the same language (e.g. the UK and the US), what works in terms of content in one country won’t necessarily work in the other. Due to cultural and language differences, you can’t just copy or translate content and keywords for your different international audiences and expect them to work the same.

    That’s where we come in. Our on-page specialists will perform extensive international keyword research to discover the preferred terms in different regions. This will help you tailor your content so that it resonates with the specific markets you’re targeting.

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    International link building

    Our link-building teams use their expertise to acquire links for each target market. So, if you’re targeting an American audience, we can help you get backlinks on relevant US sites to create a cohesive link-building strategy for that market. Ultimately, these relevant international backlinks will drive traffic to your site and grow your brand’s presence in that region.

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    International audience research

    If you want to target international markets, you need to know them inside out rather than relying on assumptions or hastily translated content. Here at TAL Agency, we’ll perform extensive international audience research to understand what these audiences want, what they care about and how to pique their interest.

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    International competitor analysis

    In addition to understanding foreign audiences, you need to know who your top competitors are in the new markets you’re targeting. As part of our audience research, we’ll also thoroughly analyse your competition to assess their offerings, their strategies, their keywords and their content. This will help you know your new market inside out and discover your niche.

    Ready to work on your international SEO strategy?

    Discover new markets and scale your business by investing in an international SEO agency. Find out how TAL Agency can help you grow your business internationally by getting in touch with our friendly team of SEO experts today.

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