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    Why Technical SEO?

    Locate and fix site structure issues

    Enhance page speed

    Remove duplicate content

    Achieve better rankings

    Technical SEO is all about website optimisation. Improving your SEO game will help search engines to crawl and index your site. It will also make sure that your site is understood by a search engine. But how can this help you?

    Putting core tech SEO practices into place makes your site more visible to users. Why? Because good tech SEO will boost your rankings, making your site appear for more relevant searches. Thus, pointing users in your direction.

    Our tech SEO services

    Incorporating tech SEO into your overall SEO strategy is a perfect way to ensure your website’s health. The parts that intertwine to form our technical SEO services work seamlessly together to create a well-performing, user loving site. 

    So if you’re looking for a technical SEO service in Manchester – look no further. Here’s what to expect from our tech SEO services:

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    Site audits and analysis

    Our technical SEO services improve your site to improve user experience – as well as rankings. Auditing your site is a key component of technical SEO, and it’s something that we take extra care with. As a technical SEO agency, we believe that every good story begins with an audit.

    Our site audits review your site to check if there are any technical issues, what the current rate of performance is, and what we can do to optimise your site. 

    But what are we specifically interested in? Here are a few points we look out for within our audits:

    Page speed

    The slower your page speed, the fewer pages a search engine can crawl within the crawl budget. Plus, this is guaranteed to impact your site’s overall user experience.

    Internal links

    Connecting your pages together via internal links makes it easier for search engines to understand your site. This helps to rank your site higher.

    Site structure and navigation problems

    A complicated site layout and an inconvenient navigation menu will do your site no favours. That’s why we check a user’s journey through your site to see how this could be impacting your pages.

    Issues with content

    Whether you’ve missed meta descriptions, or your site is lacking in content, our audit can figure it out.

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    Technical SEO strategy development

    Optimising a website isn’t something we dive into without a bit of research first. Our tech SEO experts will put together a full strategy based on the results of the initial audit. If you’re utilising our local SEO service, we’ll factor this in too.

    From this point onwards, our team will update you on our decisions, and how we aim to implement them. This will be paired with regular maintenance, and we’ll closely monitor any changes we make to ensure that you are receiving the best possible results.

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    Website migrations

    Within our technical SEO services, we provide crucial website migrations. But what does this mean? Well, a website migration includes any changes that might be made to your site, such as: switching platforms, moving domains or changing URLs. All of which need to be done properly by a tech SEO to ensure your rankings, and the value of your pages, remain intact. 

    A successful site migration is at the very heart of our technical SEO agency. Why? Because we would hate to see all of the hard work built up on your website go to waste if redirects are done incorrectly or not at all.

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    Site structure

    Here at TAL Agency, we think that a major part of tech SEO is ensuring that site structure is optimised and logical. An easy-to-use web navigation is not only great for user experience, but it helps search engines to understand a website and flick between pages easily when crawling. That’s why we offer a site structure analysis as part of our technical SEO service, because we want to achieve the best possible rankings for your site.

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    Google penalty removals

    Google penalties can greatly impact the rankings of your site, and in serious instances, your page might even be removed from the search results altogether. We don’t want this, and you definitely don’t want this – that’s why we make sure to check your site for penalties. No matter the type of penalty, we will flag it and make sure to rid your site of it. Our SEO experts are well versed in the language of Google penalty removal and can ensure that your site no longer has to suffer.

    Ready for technical SEO services?

    Utilise our technical SEO agency services to get your website seen. From full tech SEO strategies to complete website migrations – find out how we can improve the health of your website.

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