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    Why do social media?

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    Before the start of the millennium, social media was non-existent. Yet, in the space of 20 years, social media has skyrocketed to now become its own branch of marketing. Businesses are racing to hire agencies and execs to plan out and manage their social channels, strategies and campaigns and – perhaps most importantly – to make those sales. 

    When you can potentially reach thousands to millions of people instantly, it’s no wonder businesses are turning to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even TikTok to reach highly targeted audiences. And by highly, we mean incredibly accurate targeting that enables you to use demographics, interests, locations, behaviours, and even online shopping habits to tailor content and adverts precisely and productively. 

    We’re talking about the kind of data businesses from the past would be desperate to get their hands on. Nowadays, we have it at our fingertips; you just need the social media and data experts to be able to utilise it, and that’s where we come in.

    Social media services

    Staff in a meeting around a boardroom table with laptops.

    Social media strategy

    Our team strives to learn everything they can about social media, and have years of experience in delivering tangible results. Everything we do here is based on meticulous strategies that are put together with the help of your unique data and insights on your target audience’s likes and behaviours. No two brands are the same; we don’t do the ‘cookie cutter’ approach here. Each of our strategies is unique and bespoke to your business, its data, and its individual goals.

    Meeting of staff in the boardroom around a table with laptops.

    Social media content creation

    Creating assets for your social media isn’t always something that can be done off the cuff and in the spur of the moment. Of course, those kinds of assets are excellent to have and are a fantastic way of showing the ‘real’ side of your business, but creating regular content for each of your individual channels takes time. That’s where our creative teams come in.

    Our teams work hand-in-hand with one another to not only produce relevant and engaging content, but to deliver it to the right people, too. Every post, tweet, pin and reel, we see the potential in everything, and always work to get the most out of each one.

    iPhone showing a variety of social media app icons.

    Organic and paid social media marketing

    Whether you’re stepping out into the social media world as a newbie or have been running social media accounts for years now, turning to a social media marketing agency is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. 

    With social media algorithms changing and constantly changing, it’s important you have the experts who understand what the different social media platforms expect and want of you in order to keep your pages active, in feeds and in front of the right eyes. 

    From paid to organic social media, a social media agency like us can manage, monitor and report on both sponsored and organic campaigns; helping you reach new and stored audiences using clever tools. 

    Each digital marketing strand has its own unique benefits, but the combination of the two is a popular strategy for all kinds of businesses and brands. Whatever the approach, you can rest assured it will be developed purely from your goals and all the relevant and insightful data we can dig up.

    Social Media data

    Using social media data

    With the kind of data we’re talking about, you need people who can navigate their way through it easily. People who use social media and its data, business and publishing tools day in, day out. Thankfully, a social media agency like us knows a thing or two about data.

    Every approach, strategy and campaign is guided by understanding the brand and business behind it. Whatever the social media channel, we’ve got the tools and the know-how to use the data productively and in line with your marketing goals. 

    Here we have the perfect mix of creatives and technical minds to run through the incredible data social media has to offer and apply it efficiently, with the constant aim to increase visibility, traffic flow, leads and conversions. 

    Why choose TAL Agency as your social media agency?

    Data is what we live and breathe here at TAL Agency. Our methods are technical, scientific and proven. Whatever your brand or business, we get to know what makes it special, different and worthy of selling. With the right tools and our expert team, we get to work on delivering well-thought-out and data-driven social media campaigns that work for you, your voice and offering. 

    Interested in knowing more about how social media can help with your marketing strategies; whether paid or organic? Or want to know what kind of results we’ve already produced for brands? Get in touch with our friendly social media team today.

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