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    Why do organic social media?

    Nurture the relationship with your customers

    Grow brand awareness

    Support and retain existing customers

    Humanise your brand

    With more than four billion people now using social media every month, and almost two million people joining social platforms every day, there really is no good reason why your business shouldn’t be on social media.

    The trouble is you need time on your hands to not only keep your accounts updated, but to also make them profitable and worth your while, which can often be a struggle for many business owners.

    Using social media if you’re a business is so much more than just a simple update once or twice a month; it takes detailed and well-thought-out strategies to run efficient and engaging social media campaigns. And with organic social media, it’s less about sponsoring posts with paid social and more about recapturing your audiences, keeping them engaged and not missing out on leads.

    With the algorithms of social media reacting to minute details, such as users not commenting or clicking on certain posts, it’s crucial you have strategies in place to help drive traffic, engagement and discussion to keep your social pages’ visibility high and in the feeds of the right audiences.

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    What can you expect from a social media agency?

    No time wasting. To put it simply, with a social media agency – one that can walk the walk, that is – you can rest assured that time will not be wasted. When you’re not sure on what you’re doing when it comes to social media, with everything you need to get your head around, it can be seriously detrimental to your business.

    Thankfully, you can rely on experienced organic social media agencies, ones that have the right, dedicated and expert teams that can deliver optimum results – thanks to their digital social media know-how.

    Branding, style, tone and commercial goals are everything when it comes to social media marketing. And with a social media agency like TAL Agency, we take the time to get to the heart of your business, to understand its messaging, goals, services or products and its place in the digital market.

    From there, it’s a dedicated timeline of data-led strategies and organic social media campaigns that’s constructed to make sure your business is remaining relevant, active and visible, to drive more traffic to your websites, pages and offers.

    It’s all about creating those touchpoints, and with social media, you can create the most valuable kinds with the help of an expert organic social media agency like TAL Agency.

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    The benefits of organic social media management

    By relying on trusted social media managers and experts to deliver fantastic digital content campaigns, you can simply get on with the running of your business without the stress of having to keep on top of all of your social media channels. It’s an entire job taken off your plate.

    So, why is having organic social media management a smart idea?

    • You don’t have to worry about messing up algorithms or damaging your social media data with a dedicated social media manager, who knows exactly what they’re doing
    • An organic social media agency team has all the insight into what events are coming up that your brand can jump on; you won’t lose any sleep about missing out on any potential lead-generating opportunities
    • You’ll always be kept in the loop and can even learn from ourselves to improve your social media knowledge
      Social media executives do their research when planning organic campaigns, so you can rely on well-thought-out social media strategies no matter what
    • With an experienced social media management team, you will benefit from trusted expertise, meaning all data tools are fully utilised to create optimum results
    • If ever you need to respond to online customers, a dedicated social media team has got your back and is able to promptly respond to queries on all of your social media platforms to keep users and customers happy
    • Your social pages can remain active to keep them in the good books of social media sites and to increase lead generation
    • You’ll have ongoing monitoring, analysing and reporting that can be more easily digested and understood, thanks to a data-driven social media agency like ours
    • With a team that is constantly monitoring, they can update, tweak and adapt campaigns so your brand is always on the ball with any current trends or issues
    • Your brand and content is in safe hands and can benefit from tailored content designs, as our social media managers also have a flair for creative and digital design
    SEO team meet to discuss ideas.

    Why should your business be on social media?

    Considering we spend hours upon hours a week (even a day for many users) on social media, it’s no wonder that virtually every kind of business has at least one social media page. When you can reach thousands to millions of people with just the click of a ‘post’ or ‘schedule post’ button, it really does pay to be more social.

    The benefits of having your business on social media really are endless. The next viral campaign or hit could be from your brand. Maybe you’ve got an ingenious video to promote or the perfect meme for your brand and audience? With social media, you can reach your target audience easily and even capture people you normally would struggle to reach.

    From polls, quizzes, memes and jokes to blogs, in-depth white papers, webinars, eBooks, offers and promotions, social media can put your valuable insights and resources in front of the right eyes; as long as you have a talented social and content marketing agency who knows what they’re doing, of course.

    Need an experienced team to take over your social media for business?

    Whether you’re like a fish out of water on social media or have let your social pages go stale, we’ve got you covered here at TAL Agency.

    Allow us to keep your brand and business social with detailed and data-driven organic social campaigns.

    Whatever your message or offering, we can bring it to the right audiences and platforms with our expert and passionate social media agency behind you – trust our social media geeks!

    For a friendly chat to see how social media could help your business thrive, contact us today.

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