Ask a designer: Does colour psychology matter?

12 Sep 2021

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When devising a digital marketing strategy, how often should you take colour psychology into consideration? Scratching your head about what this actually means? The importance of colour is often overlooked, yet findings have revealed that certain colours can have a big impact on human behaviour; this could involve mood changes by influencing various physiological reactions – such as increased blood pressure and eyestrain

Most importantly for you, it can shape a viewer’s overall perception of a brand. But hold your horses! Remember to venture through the colour wheel with caution to evoke the desired response, rather than going for the full rainbow effect. When selected wisely, incorporating colour into your strategy could just be the best thing you ever do for your business. 

Selecting the perfect palette

How do you want your brand to be received by your audience? And what action would you like them to take upon stumbling across your website? If you’re looking for a colour with immediate effect, red is calling your name. Known for increasing heart rate, the emotions it produces can vary between two extremes. On the one hand, it can induce feelings of passion and love, but it can also be associated with power and anger. Red is brilliant for drawing someone’s eyes to a particular piece of text or image, but act with caution. Similar to yellow, red is an attention grabber, but it can become overwhelming when overused. 

Blue and green shades, however, have been dubbed as some of the most peace-inducing colours. So if, for example, either your brand or your clients hold the mantra of finding inner peace, or immersing yourself in nature, these tones could be perfect for you. 

Before selecting your ideal colour scheme, it’s key to have a good understanding of your target audience to get the best picture of how you want them to feel when discovering your business – so be sure to do your demographic analysis beforehand! 

Standing out from the crowd

A bold colour scheme could be just what you need to stand out amongst your competitors. It’s almost certain that your target audience will have hundreds of brands advertised to them on a daily basis, and those that are remembered are (most likely) the ones that have caused them to relate to or feel something – which is where colour psychology comes in. Not only this, certain colours can increase a website’s clickability, so make sure you choose something eye-catching. 

Finding colours to match your brand

As discussed previously, it’s important to make sure that your chosen colour scheme is leading your audience to feel the desired emotions. As an example, if a brand is within the fitness industry, red would probably be more ideal to use than green or blue. Eye-catching, fiery tones are particularly useful when you want someone to carry out an immediate action, such as giving them the driving force to (finally) sign up for that gym membership. In this particular instance, relaxing shades like blue and green may not be as appropriate. So, before jumping the gun, think about your brand’s beliefs and main selling points, then select your colours accordingly. 


Although energetic colours like yellow have their benefits, when overused, they can lead to eyestrain and consequently decrease your website’s readability. When considering your preferred colour palette, always revolve your choices around optimising the overall user experience. You want to make sure that any messages you’re giving to your audience are clear. Although it can be tempting to experiment with a variety of different tones, consider your user’s journey first and see whether it will increase or inhibit the chance of them completing the desired end action. 

If you’re looking to optimise your website through the notion of colour psychology, we offer a variety of services to really get your brand out there. Whether you’re looking for content marketing, SEO or paid social advice, get in touch with us to start ticking off those business goals. 

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