5 amazing digital marketing Instagram accounts

8 Jul 2022

Digital marketing Social media

Hannah Wilde

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Social media is for everyone. From businesses to influencers, everyone can profit from posting on the ‘gram. Learning a few tips and tricks from already well established Instagram accounts is the easiest way to grow your fan base. Following an array of digital marketing accounts is perfect for building marketing knowledge, that’s why we’ve put together a few inspirational accounts that you might want to take a look at. 

Why is social media important for marketing? 

When growing your business, or brand, your online presence is really important. It’s what customers see daily and it’s what they think about before deciding whether to purchase your products or services. Putting together a great social media strategy is not easy, but once you’ve created a persona behind your company – your sales will thank you for it.



Later is a social media marketing platform that helps users to plan and schedule posts to upload. Their Instagram account has lots of helpful tips on how to create content that’s both informative and trendy. With a pastel/neon colour scheme, Later’s posts are pleasing on the eye as well as funny and interactive. Sometimes, reels can be cringey if they’re done wrong, but somehow Later has perfected the blend of comedy and marketing. Later’s funny and quirky tone makes them personable and likeable, so it’s no wonder they’ve gathered 443K followers.


Digital Marketing Babes 

The Digital Marketing Babes Insta account is amazing if you’re in need of some fun and friendly marketing tips. Bright colours and bold captions draw attention to each post – we especially love the ‘If Euphoria was a marketing agency’ carousel. Keeping it relevant and fashionable, the Digital Marketing Babes can tell us all a thing or two about how to run a fabulous marketing Insta account.


Sophie Olive Marketing 

Sophie Olive’s marketing page has a consistent theme, with nearly all of her posts sticking with a red or pink colour scheme – with a few marketing memes thrown in. This way, followers know exactly what sort of content they can look forward to. Her page makes use of reels, pics of celebs and puts a face to the account with photos of Sophie herself. Her main focus is how to increase your social media presence, particularly on Instagram, and with around 21.5K – she certainly knows what she’s talking about.


Digital Chadvertising 

Jumping on the meme bandwagon can be tricky, you don’t want to come across like you’re trying too hard and you most definitely want to stay away from attempting to be ‘down with the kids’. This page is amazing at giving businesses a helping hand when it comes to creating memes. Digital Chadvertising takes a jab at the marketing world, it’s a bit of lighthearted fun that you should definitely take notes from for your page.


Ascent Storycraft 

This page is focused on all things content marketing. With extensive carousel guides on how to improve your content, mistakes to avoid and other great tips and tricks, this page is amazingly informative. This page is great for those who love an in-depth digital marketing post, and the followers of Ascent Storycraft know that they can visit this page whenever they’re having a content dry spell to soak up some inspiration. 


Hopefully these accounts can help to boost and improve your own page. If you’re wanting extra help, our social media experts can help. Whether you’re interested in organic or paid social, we can provide you with both. Why not send us a message today?

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