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27 Sep 2021

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Luke Harling

Luke Harling

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You can’t eat a hotdog without tomato ketchup (it’s not up for debate), and you can’t run a successful business without happy clients. The way that you act will end up shaping their overall perception of your business, and if the experience of working with you is a positive one, it’s certain to boost your reputation. Clients are responsible for bigging up your products and services too, so if you want a sparkling recommendation, you’ve got to find a way to blow your competitors out of the water and nail your client relationships. The secret to this? We have five. Let’s explore what it takes to provide good client services.

1) Stay on top of your game

Our first secret to providing good client services? Organisational skills, of course. We aren’t superhuman, and no one can remember multiple bits of important information without a handy notebook closeby. From initially finding out about your client, right the way through to working with them on various projects, you’ll want to make sure that you’re jotting down as much as you can. It saves going back to them and repeating the same questions, proving that you’re well and truly on top of your game. 

It’s also vital to carry a diary with you so that you can write all of your deadlines down. Especially when you are working with multiple clients at once, it can be easy to forget which projects are due when, and who the work is for. We’re all susceptible to a bit of brain fog. By creating the perfect content calendar, you can kiss confusion goodbye. 

2) Regular check-ins

Secret number two? Never go quiet on your clients! It’s likely that they’ll be pestered by several businesses on a daily basis, so you’ll want to make sure that you stay at the forefront of their minds. This doesn’t mean that you need to text them every two minutes, but it does mean that you should arrange regular check-ins to see how everything is going. 

Opt for open-communication and encourage in-person meetings or video calls, rather than hiding behind emails. Zoom and Forbes revealed that 62% of executives believe that video calling significantly improves communication quality, whilst heightening overall understanding. Not only this, it’s much easier to build a stronger relationship with your clients. Simply being able to see their facial expressions will reveal their true thoughts and feelings too, more so than a strip of text. 

3) Being a good listener

It sounds obvious, but showing that you’re listening to everything your client says goes a long way. Especially when video calling, it’s easy to get distracted. Set aside a time in the day to chat to clients when you know you’ll be completely free, and be sure to show them that you’re giving them your full attention. Although making notes is important, perhaps wait until after the call when the information is fresh in your mind to avoid looking like you aren’t paying attention. Throughout the chat, be sure to make recommendations where you can to show that you’re engaged. Clients are much more likely to invest in someone who will actively listen to their pain points and look for a genuine way to solve them. 

4) Ask questions

Asking questions is another way to show that you’re interested in the conversation and are keen to offer your support. Your clients’ answers will allow you to see the bigger picture, which will provide additional clarity for any projects you’re working on together. It’s natural to get wrapped up in the conversation, so making a list of any questions you have for them before a meeting could be more useful. 

5) Personal touch

We’ve mentioned this previously, but your client will, most probably, be approached by several businesses every day. The truth is, there’s probably plenty of competition out there that may offer very similar, if not the same, products and services. However, the main factor that makes a company stand out from the rest is the personality they inject into their work. Complete tasks with passion and motivation, and let your clients see why they should invest in you and no one else. 

Our friendly team has dealt with various different clients over the years, and we’re experienced in providing the best marketing solutions to suit your business needs. Whether you’re looking for a helping hand with SEO, content marketing or PPC, we’d love to have a chat with you. Give us a call today! 

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