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25 Jun 2022

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Offline marketing does what it says on the tin – it’s marketing, but it’s offline. Now thought of as an old school method, offline marketing is sometimes forgotten about in the digital age – although it’s actually a key part of marketing for most businesses. Companies who rely on local or regional customers find offline marketing to work well, whereas international businesses find it less so. For international companies – they want a larger outreach campaign rather than using offline marketing to target a local region. 


Types of offline marketing

brochure with pictures of shoes

There are many types of offline marketing, and it basically includes any sort of advertising not requiring the internet. Here are a few examples:


What better way to promote your business than a massive sign that looms over everyone passing by? Being an effective offline marketing tool, billboards are also great for showing brand personality with a bit of humour or a play on words – something that will catch people’s attention. 

Magazines or newspaper ads 

These are a very common form of offline marketing, and can be super effective when utilised correctly. However, they need to be relevant. By relevant, we mean don’t advertise your catering business in a magazine about cars. Make sure that your chosen paper targets your demographic or niche.

Radio ads

Radio ads can be annoying to listen to as a consumer, but from a business standpoint they really are the bees knees. Although they can be costly, catching your customers’ attention through radio can be very  effective. A large percentage of the population will listen to the radio in the car or even at home, so this is a great way to slide in some extra marketing. 

TV ads

A very popular form of offline advertising is TV ads. Stats from 2020 say that the average adult spends around four hours a day watching TV. That’s one sixth of your whole day – which is quite a lot. No wonder TV ads are popular. TV has an immense outreach, and paying for prime time slots – although expensive – is an amazing way to boost your business. 

Leaflets and pamphlets

A well-designed, detailed leaflet that drops on someone’s doormat might be left on the coffee table for a few days. In that time, your business pamphlet is likely to be read – again, this might seem slightly old fashioned, but it can be effective. Just don’t scrimp on the leaflet design – it needs to be eye-catching and interesting, and could even feature promotions or discounts.

Business brochures

An outline of who you are as a business, where you hope to be and your plans for growth is always great to have, regardless of your marketing. Having a few of these to hand out to potential customers is another great form of offline marketing.


Who can use offline marketing? 

Offline marketing isn’t restricted, any business can use it. Whether it’s effective for that business or not is another matter. Small local businesses tend to benefit from offline advertising, such as leaflets and relevant ads in regional newspapers or magazines. Larger businesses, however, may prefer to feature on those extravagantly large billboards you see in the cities. Saying this, billboards are also great for smaller businesses to get that extra bit of attention. International companies tend to stay away from offline marketing for the most part – mainly because it really isn’t effective for them. Online ads are cheaper and deliver more results for larger companies with worldwide demand.


Should you use offline marketing? 

Hold your horses on those leaflet designs, and put down the phone to that radio station. Think about whether offline marketing suits your business first. There are two main points to consider:

Who is your target audience?

Does your demographic spend a lot of time on the internet? Are they younger, or older? This is really important if you want to tailor your ads to your audience.

How big is your business?

 If your company is large and spans multiple countries, sending out leaflets is probably not the best way to reach your customers. If you’re only a small business, then door-to-door flyers can be a great opportunity to bring in new business.


How does offline marketing work? 

adverts inside a subway station

Offline ads work in mysterious ways… just kidding! They’re actually pretty simple, and any company can implement them. Have you ever walked past a billboard, or read a bus stop poster? If you have, then you’ve interacted with offline marketing. This type of advertising can be quite subtle, much like an internet ad – it’s normally in the background of your daily life. Suddenly, you might crave a fizzy drink at lunchtime and – unknown to you – that’s your subconscious relaying that poster you saw earlier. Of course, this is not always the case, but sometimes it will be. 

A lot of the time, with types of offline marketing like leaflets, customers will make a conscious decision to call the number on the back, or visit your store or website. This is still very effective and can generate word of mouth promotion. 


Does offline marketing affect online results? 

Offline marketing can drive traffic to your online website or store. The more people who come in contact with your offline ads, the more likely they are to check if you have an internet presence -especially if you mention in your TV or radio ads to check out your store or services online. However, if you’re really hoping to increase your online results, rather than general exposure, online marketing is going to be a lot more effective than offline. 

With 96% of Britons having internet access in their homes, it’s no wonder that digital marketing has become essential for companies. It used to be the case that offline marketing was great at targeting an older generation – one who might not have access to the internet. However, now that the percentage of adults aged 75 and over using the internet has risen to 54%, there is an even higher demand for digital marketing. Now, we’re not saying to scrap offline marketing altogether – but including both on and offline advertising efforts will make for the best of both worlds. 


Want to talk to some digital marketing experts, and find out what works best for your business? Get in touch today to see how we can help boost your company.


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