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22 Dec 2021

Digital marketing

Christina Attrah

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and also one of the most hectic. With pretty much the whole world to appeal to, Santa has to get his game plan sorted each year before heading out into the night. We wanted to transport ourselves to the North Pole, imagining what it could be like inside Santa’s workshop in the lead-up to the big day. One thing’s for sure, this guy won’t be getting far without a detailed digital marketing strategy in place. So buckle up as we take you on a sleigh ride through each step to achieving Santa’s success. 

Website and SEO

How can Santa make sure that his website, along with all the content he produces, is ranking high on Google? This is often the first place people come to in order to find out what the person behind the jolly red outfit is like. His website will be a reflection on overall business operations, so if the UX design isn’t up to scratch, is his workshop really as organised as we think it is? 

In order for us to trust him with our presents, Santa would need to consider everything, from colour psychology (think a grabbing red that everyone associates with Christmas) to proving authoritativeness, featuring a bio page that includes all of his achievements – Businessperson of the Year, perhaps? 

It’s all about discovering new ways to reel the reader in and make sure they stay engaged for as long as possible, ensuring that the traffic that’s being generated isn’t only during the winter. For this, his service pages would need to be as intriguing as they are helpful; we’re thinking a Toymaking section that includes the full process from picking to packing, reindeer training (because who wouldn’t want to read about that), and plenty of workshops that aim to get his audience involved as much as possible. 

But he can’t stop there! Santa would need to think about keeping everything up-to-date, making content modifications if necessary to ensure relevancy, alongside giving personality to the trustworthy face the world has come to know and love. Now if that isn’t a foolproof SEO-HO-HO strategy, we don’t know what is. 

Content marketing 

Think content marketing is a doddle? It doesn’t take much effort to pull out a laptop and start typing away, but are you creating articles that people would actually want to read? Santa would be well aware that he has a target audience to please, being sure to publish blog posts that resolve their pain points, alongside commenting on other relevant topics that crop up – such as how to go viral, because Santa definitely knows a thing or two about that. If he starts to comment on why Easter is the best holiday, people may start to get a little confused. 

Santa should also perfect his internal linking through keywords and phrases, making reference to any services he can offer or other articles the reader may benefit from. Again, this will help his website to rank higher, allowing Google to gain a well-rounded understanding of a page’s overall theme, proving Santa’s authoritativeness. However, it’s important to remember that this blessing could also be a curse when used for the wrong reasons. Overusing these phrases could have an adverse effect, with poor readability contributing to low rankings. Let’s make sure the only stuffing going on this year will be the kind you enjoy with a Christmas dinner, not in the form of keywords. 

With all of this content to write, a detailed content calendar is definitely in order. He’s bound to have plenty of other things to think about, from making toys to keeping his elves happy, so getting organised will contribute to a clearer mind. And this means…you guessed it, better content! As we mentioned previously, Santa will need to think about articles he can post throughout the year, so he’ll need to make sure that he knows exactly what to prioritise before transferring his ideas to paper.


Santa’s PPC strategy should help him to promote his website’s service pages through Google Ads, in order to make sure that his services are reaching the masses. Before creating advertisements used to reel people in, Santa should be aware of the keywords he’s looking to use, thinking about the search intent behind each one. 

PPC works particularly well for transactional terms, so if Santa is thinking of selling letter templates that help people to write the best Christmas list, this option would hopefully lead to more conversions. Once Santa is aware of exactly who he is targeting and the reasons why they would be heading over to his website, he would need to start creating a number of readable, relevant and enticing display ads. 

Digital PR

Digital PR is all about getting website links, so Santa would definitely have to incorporate this into his digital marketing strategy to improve his popularity. He would need to collaborate with his trusty elves in high-energy brainstorming sessions, bouncing campaign ideas off one another that will contribute to achieving virality. Perhaps he partners up with a leading pet supplier, coming up with the next big toy to keep your furry friends entertained (from reindeers to puppies), or maybe he’ll create a new tool for people to take a peek at the naughty or nice list? The more creative the better, as coming up with something completely out of the ordinary is guaranteed to get coverage. From mince pie connoisseur to top pet trainer, Santa will be dominating the tabloids in no time. 

Social Media 

In this modern day and age, Santa will need to keep up with the younger generation and make sure that he’s on top of his social media profiles. From Instagram to LinkedIn, whether he’s advertising his professional services or posting polls to see what the best Christmas dinner looks like, Santa has to make sure that he’s covered all bases. 

But what does an organised social media page look like? Santa would need to come up with a theme and stick to it, performing effective competitor analysis to see how the Easter Bunny likes to structure their page. If a particular post has gained a staggering number of interactions, perhaps there’s an idea that Santa could use to create his own? The key is to be as authentic as possible, giving readers a reason to give you a follow or a share, achieving further reach in the process.

To optimise his social media strategy, Santa should (similar to content marketing) come up with a detailed calendar that highlights what needs to be posted when, making sure to post as often as possible to rank higher. He’ll need to remind people that he exists, and that Santa isn’t just for Christmas. 

If you’re inspired by Santa’s digital marketing strategy and would like to start putting together your own, get in touch with our team of experts today. From content marketing to paid social, we’ll make sure that you have the resources you need to tick off all of your business objectives. 

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