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6 Dec 2022

Digital marketing

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How to start a career in digital marketing with no experience


No digital marketing experience? We can help. 

If you have a passion for all things digital, and you have an interest in the world of marketing, then digital marketing could be for you.

But you have no experience, you say?

Well, everyone has to start somewhere, so if you have no experience, don’t stress – there will be plenty of people in your shoes. However, there are a few things you can do to get ahead of the curve. 


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Build your digital marketing knowledge base 

Gathering some prior knowledge of digital marketing is not only beneficial, but essential. Speaking to people within the industry is probably going to be your best bet. So, if you know any friends or family members who have worked, or still work, in digital marketing, ask them for advice. 

LinkedIn is also a great place to get extra info. Follow some digital marketing professionals, and if you feel comfortable, you could even send out a few messages to gather advice. 


Digital marketing apprenticeships 

Many companies offer digital marketing apprenticeship programmes to those who don’t have any experience in the field and train them up. You will also get paid, so it’s a win-win. This is a great opportunity to start from scratch in the industry and have real on the job experience. Ask around in your local area about digital marketing apprenticeships or have a Google and see if there is one within a commutable distance. Not only does this look great on your CV, but it’ll put you above even those who have marketing degrees. Real life experience always wins.


Digital marketing internships 

Internships are usually unpaid, and last for a shorter time than an apprenticeship. Nevertheless, you will gain valuable experience from a digital marketing internship. When it comes to applying for a digital marketing role, even a week’s worth of experience can set you apart from other applicants. 


Freelance work 

Now, although you may not have much experience in the likes of SEO or PPC, you may already know how to build a website or write a blog. In which case, these skills are serviceable, and you can start freelancing. Freelance sites that are great to start on are the likes of Fiverr and Upwork. You will learn so much from handling your own workload and choosing which jobs to take on – which will signify to employers that you can manage your own work successfully. This looks great on your CV and can give your application an extra push when applying for jobs.


How to get digital marketing qualifications

When it comes to earning digital marketing qualifications, there are lots of tools at your disposal. From online to in person courses, free and paid, you have plenty of options. Courses are especially useful to those of you who have another job to work around or family obligations, as they can be completed in your own time. But what type of courses are out there?


  • Free online courses: You can probably find hundreds, if not thousands, of free online digital marketing courses. From LinkedIn Learning to HubSpot Academy, all it will cost you is your time. And if you’re willing to put in the effort, then these are an amazing way to boost your list of qualifications. 

  • Paid online courses: There are also many paid online digital marketing courses, too. Many believe that the paid courses have extra value, whether that’s an interactive course with an industry professional or a higher knowledge level, it’s up to you to decide which is most valuable.


  • In person courses: Now that we have almost seen the end of COVID19, life is carrying on as usual, and this means that you can also attend a course IRL. Now, this may not always be the best choice, especially if you have other daily commitments, but it’s still an option. 


What digital marketing niches are there?


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Many people starting out in digital marketing may opt for a job role such as a digital marketing executive. This role is a bit of an allrounder and is a good way to dip your toes into each digital marketing niche. However, if you want to skip this step and go straight into a digital specialty, then let us talk you through some of your options. 


  • SEO: Standing for search engine optimisation, this niche will have you optimising sites so that search engines can better understand them. This will help users to find the right websites containing what they’re looking for. As an SEO, you will help to improve every aspect of digital marketing, so this is a solid choice.

  • Content marketing: If writing is your thing, then content marketing may be for you. From blogs to product descriptions and service pages, if you pick this niche you will do it all. Every website needs content, so you will not be short of job choices within this role. (Content writer, copywriter and content executive are just a few titles to look out for on a content marketing job hunt.)

  • PPC: PPC stands for pay-per-click, and this niche will expect you to do a lot of work with ads. For example, you’ve probably seen ads at the top of your Google search results before – this is the result of PPC in action. Many businesses value PPC as a great asset, so you’ll never be short of work in this niche.

  • Social media: The importance of businesses promoting themselves on social media has become extremely important in recent years. Enter the social media executive. Within this niche, you will be taking care of all things social, including posting on Instagram and reaching out to influencers. You have to be quick off the mark in this role and stay on top of trends at all times.

  • Web design and development: Ever wondered who designs and builds the websites you use online? That would be a web designer or a web developer. Having a well-crafted website is the backbone of any company’s online presence – so this niche holds some importance. It’s also a great creative outlet for any wannabe designers out there.

  • Digital PR: Public relations, or PR, is essential in the distribution of information online. When we talk about PR within digital marketing, we usually mean the promotion of a business or organisation. The job of a PR is to change or influence the public view of their client, to increase the amount of publications they are mentioned in and to drive sales. So, if this sounds like your thing, why not give PR a whirl?


Researching the digital marketing niches 

So, now that we’ve run through all of your role options, how are you going to decide which to go for? And how can you get there? Researching the various roles, responsibilities and requirements within your digital marketing career is a great first step. By taking a look at the requirements for entry level roles, you can shape your CV accordingly, or learn some new, desirable skills in your free time. 


Interested in learning more about the world of digital marketing? Or maybe you’re looking for a digital marketing company for your business? Either way, we’d love to chat, so get in touch with us today!


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