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25 Oct 2022


Matt Raynes

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What is a backlink?

Backlinks are links that come from a different website to your own. They’re an essential part of SEO as, typically, the more backlinks you have, the higher your position on the SERP. Backlinks are especially valuable if they come from other reliable sites with a high domain authority. Google views backlinks as a vote of confidence of sorts, so your content will be ranked more favourably. By now you should be sold on why your site needs backlinks, so here are 10 strategies for gaining more backlinks.

How to get more backlinks

1) Digital PR

Digital PR and outreach is one of the most effective ways to gain backlinks. Journalists might often seek advice or resources from knowledgeable brands, such as yourself. By creating a digital PR strategy, you can reach out and reply to journalists who are looking for a comment or source to link back to. Make sure you have great linkable assets, such as plenty of guides and well-written resources. Journalists and publishers will be more likely to link to these, and digital PR is a good way of promoting your content. It’s a win-win situation.

2) Listicle and resource links

Lots of bloggers and journalists will look to make lists of the ‘best websites for X’. Getting on these lists is helpful for acquiring backlinks from reliable websites, which will in turn improve your website’s reputation. It will also increase click-throughs to your website, as well as traffic and, eventually, sales.

A helpful tip for gaining these backlinks is to create free tools. For example, creating an interactive calculator or search tool that’s relevant to your industry. Resource lists will often include you, especially if your tool is unique and can’t be found elsewhere.

3) Broken link building

Broken link building can be time consuming, but it’s an easy way to get backlinks to your own site. Start by finding broken links on pages that relate to your niche. Then, reach out to the site owner with your own link to replace the broken one. Site owners will often agree to do this, as a broken link has negative effects on their own site. Not only is one of your competitors losing a link, but you’re gaining one too. Plus, this is a completely legit way of sneaking an extra backlink.

4) Follow up unlinked mentions

If your brand is being talked about, that’s great. What’s not so favourable is if these mentions are unlinked. To remedy this, you’ll have to find the sites that are mentioning you. There are some tools available to do this, such as Semrush’s Brand Monitoring Tool. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to craft an email to send to the author of the post. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a polite request for them to include a link. If they’re mentioning your brand in a favourable light, chances are they won’t have any issues with linking to your site.

5) Link to other businesses

If you regularly conduct business with other companies, this is a valuable opportunity to gain backlinks easily. An easy way to set this up on your site is with a “Suppliers” page that links to your suppliers. In return, they may provide a link to your site and other companies that they supply to. This is also simple to do if you often work with other companies – create a link to their site and they’ll likely do the same for you.

6) Link gap analysis

A link gap analysis lets you find backlink opportunities through sites that link to your competitors and not you. This will allow you to gain the same quality backlinks as your competitors. If a website links to competitor websites, there’s a good chance they will link to your website as well – as long as it’s professional and reliable. Semrush has a backlink gap tool which can be used for finding these valuable opportunities.

7) The Skyscraper technique

The Skyscraper technique focuses on creating the best piece of content on the web about your chosen topic. It should be more visually appealing, go into more depth, and be incredibly well written. Look around for other content that has gained lots of links and then write a piece that’s ten times better. Once you’ve established your top-quality content, you can promote it to websites and authors who had linked to previously existing content. If yours is much better than a competitor’s content, you’re very likely to score that link. This is great for promoting your content, as well as establishing a dominant position over competitors.

8) Change your content formatting

Your content should be formatted with the purpose of gaining links and views. Longer content is proven to get more links than shorter articles, and headlines that end in a question mark get 23.3% more social shares than ones that don’t. As well as this, creating ultimate guides is a highly effective way to gain backlinks. Ultimate guides work so well because they often contain lots of content on one page, and they’re an easy resource for other sites to link to. Authors often don’t want to have to link to multiple articles about all the different aspects of a topic – an ultimate guide is much more efficient.

9) Build free tools

Creating helpful tools that are relevant to your industry will help you attract more backlinks. This is especially true if you’re able to create a unique tool that none of your competitors have. Authors compiling resource lists or experts in your industry are likely to link to your tools in order to help their readers.

Having free tools on your page also comes with the added bonus that people will probably use them more than once. This means you’ll have increased traffic to your website as users keep coming back to your tools.

10) Use images and infographics

As well as written content, infographics are valuable for securing backlinks to your website. They’re a more concise and visually stimulating way to present data, and are often easier to understand. Because infographics need to be presentable and well-organised, they can take longer to make. However, there are lots of visual content creation tools out there that can make creating infographics easier. Or, if you really want to push your visual content, you could consider hiring a designer to create regular infographics for you to promote.

Backlinks are an important aspect of SEO. Utilising these strategies is the best way to grow your business and its online presence. To find out more, get in touch with our team today.

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