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16 Nov 2022

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Hannah Wilde

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LinkedIn is a valuable platform for career development and staying connected with industry contacts. But, how can you make sure that your profile is seen by the connections who are most important to you? Read our tips to find out how to improve your LinkedIn presence.

1) Engage with posts

When you comment on someone’s LinkedIn post, your comment is then visible to others on the platform. This means that 2nd or 3rd connections have the chance to see your comment, and possibly click onto your profile. If you’re lucky enough to have a comment gain lots of likes and reactions, this will boost your presence onto the feeds of thousands of LinkedIn users. So, it’s important to keep interacting and engaging with connections and posts, as this will massively improve your visibility on LinkedIn.

2) Complete your profile

LinkedIn’s algorithm favours those with a completed profile, so you should use this to your advantage. Make sure all aspects of your LinkedIn profile are filled in, including your education, work experience, and a professional profile picture.

3) Make connections

To have an impressive LinkedIn presence, the more valuable connections you have, the better. The most obvious way to grow your connections is by adding people you know, as well as past and present coworkers. It can also help to reach out to old contacts from school or university – you never know where they might have ended up.

Don’t forget to make use of LinkedIn’s features, too. Oftentimes, the platform suggests people you may be interested in. On top of this, it’s helpful to see who’s viewed your profile, so you can see the kind of people who your account is deemed relevant to. Monitoring who’s viewing your profile can also be an opportunity to make more connections.

4) Share helpful content

Sharing content is the best way to grow on any social platform, and LinkedIn is no exception. When you’re sharing content that’s useful, relatable and insightful, then your LinkedIn presence is bound to improve. Existing connections may engage with your great content, which then makes it visible to their connections. Before you know it, you could have a viral LinkedIn post on your hands.

But, you shouldn’t create LinkedIn posts just for the sake of it. Ensure that all the content you put out has a purpose, and make sure you’re not just regurgitating information. Your LinkedIn connections want to hear from you, so utilise your own experiences and opinions to create authentic content.

5) Keep up to date with notifications

LinkedIn notifications often let you know when it’s a connection’s birthday or when they’ve started a new job. Keeping up to date with your notifications means you won’t miss these events, and it’s a valuable way of keeping in touch with connections. As we’ve mentioned, engaging with posts is one of the best ways to improve your LinkedIn presence.

As well as notable occasions, LinkedIn notifications often show you popular posts and relevant news stories. A particularly useful feature is their ‘Daily Rundown’, which gives a summary of top headlines. This provides the chance to get involved in popular conversations to further grow your LinkedIn presence.

6) Include images

No one wants to see a LinkedIn feed that’s full of text – add images to your posts to make them more visually appealing. Images will make your post take up more space on the Home page, which increases visibility. They can also help you to make your point by providing visual aid. What’s more, data from OkDork suggests that including 8 images in your LinkedIn post is best for visibility. But, as a general rule of thumb, they suggest that you should include at least one image in every post.

7) Post regularly

Like with any social media platform, consistency is key. If you’re posting infrequently and at irregular periods, there’s a lower chance that connections and followers will see your posts. This doesn’t mean that you have to post everyday – companies that post weekly see a 2x higher engagement rate than ones that post infrequently. A new post every week is the perfect balance between providing useful content and not spamming followers with daily posts. Plus, this gives you time to come up with helpful and meaningful posts.

As a dedicated social media agency, we have a lot of knowledge about LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more. From organic to paid social, we can help you to grow your social media presence on any platform. To find out more, get in touch.

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