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4 Nov 2022

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After a customer has checked out your website and decided they like what you have on offer, their next step will be to visit your Contact Us page. These pages are crucial to any business website, as they’re what will drive leads and new connections. There’s a lot more that goes into creating these pages than just providing an email address or phone number. Read on to discover how to write a Contact Us page for a website that’ll really boost your business.

What should a Contact Us page look like?

A great Contact Us page is important for any business, which is why we put a lot of effort into our own. Take a look at our own page for an example of how you could create a helpful and attractive Contact Us page for your website.

contact us page for the audit lab seo agency in bolton showing get in touch form and phone number

contact us page for seo agency the audit lab showing location and social media buttons

How to build a Contact Us page

1) Be straightforward

Like with any part of an SEO-friendly website, your Contact Us page should be clear and to the point. Don’t waste time with fluff – a good Contact Us page will be short and sweet, whilst still providing all the necessary information. Users also don’t want to read lots of text to find out how to contact you. So, it’s best that your page gets straight to the point and only includes the information that your customers need.

2) Have more than one contact option

Some people hate speaking on the phone, and others love it. Why not cater to all? It’s important to include multiple contact options on your page so that customers can choose how to get in touch. If an enquiry is urgent, then an email address may not suffice for quick responses. But, you may also struggle to keep up with phone enquiries if there isn’t also an email address for less urgent questions. For this reason, you should provide at least two methods of contact.

Lots of businesses also choose to include their address on their Contact Us page, as it adds a physical location to the brand. Also, a short form on your page is one of the easiest ways to encourage customers to get in touch. These are simple to make and can be created on most content management systems, with the added help of plugins.

3) Promote helpful resources

While customers are waiting for a response, there might be other resources on your site that could help them out. Try linking to your blog or providing a link to your careers page. It’s always a good idea to push your content whenever appropriate, and the Contact Us page is no exception. Your site may have other helpful resources such as FAQ topics or a list of your brand’s awards – don’t forget to highlight them.

4) Tell customers why they should contact you

Even though a user has clicked onto your Contact Us page, they might still need some extra convincing to get in touch. So, you should let them know exactly why they should contact you and how it will benefit them. Just a short sentence highlighting how your services could benefit a customer will be appropriate. This could be the extra push that customers need to fill out your contact form or drop you a message.

5) Redirect to a Thank You page

Once a customer has submitted the form on your page, you should redirect to a Thank You page to reassure them that you’ll be in touch soon. It’s helpful to include who will be getting in touch, as well as a rough time frame for when they can expect to hear back. Not to mention, it’s always important to be well-mannered. Let customers or clients know that you appreciate their time and effort with a simple thank you.

thank you page for seo agency the audit lab which says thank you for your enquiry and tells users to read blog posts

Take a look at our own Thank You page. As well as highlighting our team, the page links to some helpful resources to check out in the meantime. It lets users know that a director will be in touch, so they know they won’t just be receiving an automated email. A simple ‘thank you’ will always go far in maintaining customer and client relationships.

6) Maintain your brand voice

Your Contact Us page is just like any other page on your site, so don’t change your brand voice all of a sudden. If your brand has a friendly, conversational tone of voice, you should keep this consistent. Suddenly sounding pushy on your Contact Us page when you were previously pretty laid back will confuse your audience and probably put them off contacting you.

Find a way to work your brand personality into your contact page, too. For example, our own page says ‘We’d love to chat. All partnerships start with a simple conversation. We love getting to know new people and kick starting new projects.’ As TAL Agency’s brand voice is collaborative and amiable, we made sure to show this on our Contact Us page. This makes our audience aware that we focus on creating equal and respectful relationships with clients.

7) Include a CTA

A call to action (CTA) is one of the most important things you can include on any website. It’s all well and good to provide contact information, but you should also be telling your audience which action you want them to take. For example, our Contact Us page asks users to fill in our form, or, alternatively, to give us a call. This way, users have been invited to take two actions, and they can choose which suits them best. You can also include a CTA on your Thank You page like we do, inviting users to check out our blog posts. Sometimes users want a little guidance on what to do next, so don’t underestimate the value of CTAs.

8) Link to your social media pages

screenshot from seo agency the audit lab contact us page that shows their social media button links

If your business has social media pages (which it definitely should), your Contact Us page is a great chance to link to them. Most websites add small logos which link to the corresponding social media site. This means that customers can keep up to date with what you’re up to over social media, as well as boosting traffic to your social media pages.

Are you all set to write an outstanding Contact Us page? If you want to grow your business’ online presence even more, there’s a lot we can do for you. From PPC to social media marketing, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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