How to write a personal statement for digital marketing

27 Nov 2022

Digital marketing

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Why do you need a personal statement?

A personal statement is a brief summary that lets employers know a little more about you. Its main purpose is to sell yourself to the reader, and personalise yourself as more than just a name on a CV. A great personal statement can help you to stand out from your competition, so it’s important to get it spot on for the industry you’re applying for. A personal statement for a digital marketing role will be completely different to one for a hospitality role, so read our advice on how to craft the perfect personal statement for a marketing job.

How to write a personal statement for a digital marketing job

Your personal statement should ideally be personalised for each role you apply for. But, there are some general guidelines that your personal statement should follow, especially when applying for a career in digital marketing. So, how do you write a personal statement for a digital marketing job?

Show your enthusiasm

Why do you want this role in digital marketing? Employers want to know – and the more enthusiastic you are, the harder you’re likely to work. You should include why the role, and the digital marketing industry, appeals to you. This will be different for everyone, so be sincere about your career aims and give genuine reasons about why you want the job – not just for a paycheck. If you need some inspiration, read 8 reasons to work in digital marketing.

Include relevant experience

Whether you completed a Marketing degree or you have transferable, relevant skills, these should be highlighted in your personal statement. This makes employers aware of the past experience you have in the field, and how this has shaped your work ethic and skillset. It’s important not to leave this out, as a personal statement should have the primary focus of demonstrating your ability to take on the role. Even if you don’t have experience in marketing, there is other experience which can make you suitable for the role, for example a background in writing or sales.

Use positive action words

Otherwise known as verbs, action words are “doing words”, which highlight the actions you have taken in previous roles. Since you’re selling yourself on paper, these words need to be positive – don’t say what you didn’t do, rather what you did. Examples of this can be ‘increased revenue’, ‘magnified coverage’, or ‘updated existing processes’. Including these action words help employers to see you as a dynamic person, emphasising the things you can do rather than your traits. This is useful as although you may describe yourself as creative, employers will want to see how this creativity is put into practice and can benefit their business.

Keep it short and snappy

A personal statement should only be about 100-150 words long, so it’s important that every word is intentional and works to your advantage. Your personal statement shouldn’t go on for too long – prioritise the most important things to include. For example, if you’ve recently graduated from university, employers would rather hear about the skills you gained there rather than your GCSEs from years ago. It’s up to you to decide what you include, but aim for what employers will view as most impressive and relevant.

Make sure there’s no spelling or grammar mistakes

The smallest mistake can be the difference between you and another person applying for the same role. Double check your personal statement for grammatical or spelling errors, and then check it once more for luck. This is especially important if you’ve claimed to have great written skills or attention to detail – employers will struggle to believe this when you’ve written down the wrong “there”. If you can, ask someone else to proofread your personal statement, as they’ll be able to spot any mistakes you might have missed.

If you’re looking for more career advice, read our blog on how to write a good CV. We also have valuable insights to the world of digital marketing on our Content Hub. To speak to a member of our digital marketing team, get in touch.

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