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28 Oct 2022

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So, you’re not sure how to write a good Instagram caption for business accounts. Worry not, it’s actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it. While there’s no set formula for an effective Instagram caption that sells, we have some tips and tricks to make the process easier. Here’s how to write captions on Instagram that’ll boost your business and its online presence.

Grip your audience from the first word

theauditlab instagram caption saying Award-winning digital marketing agency coming at ya! with trophy emoji

Instagram cuts off captions after a couple of lines of text, with a ‘more’ button to see more text. So, the first 3 or 4 lines of your caption are the only parts that are immediately visible to followers. This means it’s crucial to hook your audience from the get-go, and prompt them to read the rest.

Get straight to the point of what your post’s all about. If you have something important to say, you don’t want people to miss it because they scrolled. Emojis and capital letters are a good way of catching attention. You could even say something a little controversial or cheeky if it’s fitting for your brand.

Include a call to action

theauditlab instagram caption including emojis hashtags and call to action CTA

How do you want your followers to interact with your post? Your call to action could include pointing toward a link in bio, or encouraging users to tag their friends. Your Instagram will grow faster if you have higher rates of engagement, so it’s important to make posts as interactive as you can. Ask questions which prompt an answer, or create giveaways to really drive engagement.

Write like a human

Put some personality behind your posts! No one wants to read a caption that seems like it was written by a robot. A conversational tone and some personal touches can go far when attracting users to your content. You can still be business-focused whilst sounding friendly. Take brands like ASOS for example – they include more informal and fun captions whilst still highlighting their product range.

Draft captions beforehand

When it comes to social media marketing, prior planning is essential. To ensure you’re creating top quality captions, draft them beforehand on a different platform. This could be on a social calendar or just in the Notes app on your phone. Not only this, drafting captions before you post means there’s a smaller likelihood of typos and mistakes. It also takes off the pressure when uploading lots of posts, as your captions are already set to be posted.

Make the most of emojis

theauditlab instagram caption using emojis about aldiuk twitter account

Instagram is a fun platform, so make sure you reflect this in your captions. Emojis are the easiest way to do this, and it’s rare to find an Instagram caption that doesn’t include them. Make sure they’re relevant to what you’re posting, and avoid using any that are too inappropriate. Emojis make your captions more visually appealing, so it’s an eye-catching way to draw users’ attention to your posts.

Even if your caption doesn’t include anything particularly exciting, you can still include emojis. Some simple ones to include are arrows, chainlinks, or the phone emoji. These are helpful to place alongside your call to action. ➡️??

Consider length

With Instagram captions, short is usually better. But this doesn’t mean that users don’t also read long captions. If your post is particularly informative, then a long caption with captivating information will work a treat. But as a general rule, shorter captions usually work better than paragraphs of text. If you have an image to upload that doesn’t necessarily need much copy underneath it, a simple description and CTA in your caption should do. And don’t skimp on the emojis, of course!

Include hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways to increase your post’s visibility on Instagram. But, no one wants to see a post that’s been spammed with all sorts of irrelevant hashtags. It’s usually recommended to include between one and four hashtags on your post. This is ideal for targeting specific topics without straying too far from the purpose of your post.

Make sure these hashtags are relevant to your industry, and don’t be scared to switch them up with each post. It can be helpful to see which hashtags are being used by competitors and similar Instagram accounts.

Make it relevant to your post

It may sound obvious, but a successful Instagram caption is relevant to your post. If you go off-topic with your caption, users will be confused and less likely to engage with your post. For example, don’t post a picture of the sunset and then speak about your business’ services in the caption if it’s not related to the image. Instagram is a visual platform, but you shouldn’t be posting any random image for the sake of promoting your caption. Make sure your posts are cohesive and appropriate.

Stay consistent

One of the most important parts of promoting your business is establishing your tone of voice. It’s for this reason that your brand voice needs to stay consistent in all of your posts. If you’re prone to making a few cheeky remarks, keep this running through all your social media content. Find a conversational yet trustworthy tone that’ll appeal best to your audience.

Our social media team has plenty of practice with writing great Instagram captions for enhanced brand engagement. We also have valuable advice on creating a great business Twitter account and how to get more Instagram followers. If you fancy taking your brand socials to the next level, get in touch with us for a winning social media strategy.

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