7 predicted web development trends

6 May 2022

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Wondering what to expect in the future of web development? So are we! Keeping up with the latest and greatest web development trends will ensure that you’re not missing out on the chance to improve your website’s appearance and its user experience. That’s why we’ve put together a list of predictions for the upcoming years. 


Coding reductions


A large part of developing a website is the coding behind it, but could coding become obsolete in the next few years? With the desire to simplify and reduce the level of complex coding, we could see a rise in machines writing code. This would mean fewer web developers would be needed to build a site.


The use of AI and machine learning


AI has gained a lot of traction in the web development community for its ability to improve user experience. For example, AI chatbots help to improve a customer’s search for products through machine learning. The demand for more AI-based tools could ramp up in the next few years, with sites already looking into extra AI add-ons. 


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)


PWAs are thought to be the next best thing and may replace classic web apps with a hybrid web-mobile app. It’s a no-brainer that PWAs have become a favourite among web developers – boasting of a better user experience and lower costs – what could be better? With PWAs being downloadable straight from a website, with no need for an app store, the convenience factor is definitely at play. Being able to use these apps offline and retarget customers with notifications is a bonus, too. 


Single Page Applications (SPAs)


SPAs automatically update content on a web page without having to reload the entire page. By keeping the majority of the page the same whilst changing only what is requested by the user, the web page doesn’t need refreshing. With an SPA, the initial load contains all the code needed from the server and is therefore able to do its job fast and efficiently. 


Say goodbye to servers


The clue is in the name for this one, but as serverless applications are predicted to grow exponentially in the next few years, this is one to watch. Generally, servers act as a data storage and receivement centre, and the smooth running of websites rely on them to function properly. 


The aim of serverless technology is to help reduce data loss and prevent system overload by using a cloud provider. The major difference between going serverless and using a server is that the latter keeps web pages constantly active, whereas serverless applications are loaded when needed. 


Ramping up cybersecurity


The rise of hacking and general cyber attacks has increased the need for cybersecurity in the last 10 years. With more than 90% of data attacks being cyber breaches, the urgency for protection online is growing. Cyber crime can cost a business a lot of money, and can be an invasion of personal privacy, so ensuring that your system is secure is vital. 


Cool feature updates


One of the best aspects of web development is that there are cool and quirky features released every year. For example, a popular feature is the dark mode on apps and the web. A large percentage of people prefer dark mode over a lighter screen, and the ability to use it on most online spaces has been a firm favourite. 


The introduction of VR on websites is another interesting feature, and it allows users to see products in front of them through a headset. A few websites have already incorporated this new feature to add some spice to their sites, and to set them apart from the competition


Will web development stay the same?


There is always room for development in any area of digital, but especially in web development – get it?. Saying that, the development of websites has progressed so much in the last few years that it may be a while before the next futuristic breakthrough occurs. Watch this space.


From SEO optimisation to overall site maintenance, if you’re thinking about web design or development, why not get in contact with our team and see what we can offer you. 

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