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28 Jun 2023


Christina Manns

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Although it’s possible for you to run your own PPC campaigns on Google Ads, this isn’t always the best use of your limited time. Plus, if your in-house team doesn’t have the right PPC expertise, you may not be getting the best returns on your investment.

We know it can be difficult to relinquish control over any part of your business, but hiring a PPC agency is the best way to get expert help with your campaigns and see the results you need. Getting help with PPC will also free up a lot of your time, allowing you to focus on the areas of your business that need more attention.

But with so many agencies out there, how can you ensure that you’re choosing the very best Google Search Ads agency? In this article, we’ll show you how to choose a PPC agency by asking 14 key questions that’ll help you verify the experience, expertise, transparency, honesty and diligence of their team.

1. How many years of experience does your PPC team have?

Years of experience can give you a good benchmark for evaluating whether a PPC agency is right for your business. Ask agencies how much experience they have within the field and how experienced their team members are.

In addition to asking about PPC experience, it’s a good idea to ask about experience across digital marketing too. This is because PPC and SEO work so well together, so if they have broad marketing experience, this is definitely a positive sign.

2. Does your PPC agency have experience in my particular business niche?

Not only should you ask about overall experience, but you should also gauge whether a PPC agency has specific industry experience that’s relevant to your business. To get the best service, you want an agency that’s worked with businesses like yours before and fully understands your market. This will allow them to offer you a service that’s entirely tailored to your business and niche, rather than a generic one-size-fits-all service. Ultimately, this deeper understanding of your market and audience will lead to much better results for your business.

3. What day-to-day tasks will your team be completing?

In addition to expertise, you should also prioritise transparency when it comes to choosing your next PPC agency. You need to know how your money is being spent and what kind of ROI you can expect.

Ad performance is constantly changing, so you need to know that your PPC agency is always keeping an eye on your account and optimising it to maximise your ROI. Therefore, you need to establish early on what’s being done with your account and what daily tasks are completed to improve it, such as bid optimisation, remarketing, keyword research and reporting. 

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4. How many hours or days does your PPC team spend on my account?

As part of this inquiry into what the PPC agency will do for you on a day-to-day basis, you need to find out exactly how many hours or days are spent on your account so you can determine if you’re getting enough time for your budget. An honest and transparent agency shouldn’t have a problem with talking about these numbers, so don’t be afraid to ask for specifics and make your expectations clear.

5. How often will we have calls?

A big part of transparency is open communication. If you’re going to be working with this PPC agency for the foreseeable future, you need to have regular calls (such as every month or quarter) to make sure that you stay on the same page when it comes to expectations, goals, KPIs and progress.

Although you can discuss smaller points over email, it’s hard to have a proper conversation this way. A good PPC agency will want to schedule regular calls to discuss what’s going on with your account, what they’ve been doing and the next steps to help you reach your goals and maximise ROI.

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6. Who will be my main point of contact and who will be managing my account?

To improve communications, your PPC agency should assign a dedicated account manager or PPC specialist to manage your account and be your main point of contact for regular calls or emergencies. This will allow you to build a working relationship with your account manager and feel reassured that your business is in good hands.

Your chosen PPC agency should also be clear about exactly who is managing and working on your account on a daily basis. For example, do they outsource any work to freelancers, or is everything managed in-house by their PPC specialists? Who is responsible for tasks such as keyword research, bidding, reporting and campaign optimisation and what are their levels of experience?

7. How do you do reporting?

How can you measure the success of your PPC campaigns if you’re not aligned with your agency on metrics, KPIs and business goals? To ensure you’re getting the most out of your money, you need consistent and clear reporting from your PPC agency so you can see exactly how your campaigns are performing.

Your PPC agency should be clear from the start on the metrics they use to measure the success of your campaigns. Then, they should provide regular, easy-to-understand reports that show you exactly how your investment has been translated into campaign success. Your PPC agency should also explain how hitting certain KPIs will affect the overall profitability of your business.

8. Do you work across multiple PPC platforms?

Google Ads may be the most popular PPC platform, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expand your campaigns to different platforms, especially if this is an effective way to better reach your target audience. To give you more reach and flexibility, ask your prospective PPC agency whether they also have experience across other paid search platforms like Google Shopping, paid social (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and YouTube Ads. This can help you reach more potential customers than ever before.

9. Is your PPC team certified in Google Ads or any other paid search platforms?

Following on from the previous question, it’s important to ask your prospective PPC agency whether their team is properly certified in the paid search platforms they offer (most commonly Google Ads). These certifications will demonstrate experience, expertise and a willingness to consistently improve skills and keep up with new knowledge in the industry. If you’re looking for the very best PPC agency for your business, watch out for these certifications.

10. How do you minimise wasted spend?

No one wants wasted spend, but it’s often a part of running PPC campaigns. However, it’s essential to minimise this wasted spend as much as possible so you’re getting the best results for your investment.

The most efficient PPC agencies will tell you exactly how they reduce wasted spend to help you maximise your ROI. They should be able to discuss their strategies with you, such as adjusting campaign settings, removing non-converting keywords, using bid modifiers and using Google ads scripts for automation.

11. What automation do you use?

Automation is a fantastic way to eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks and therefore devote more time to other areas of your account, which can boost the success of your PPC campaigns. Effective PPC agencies will use automation, such as Google Ads scripts, to automate tasks like bid optimisation, reporting and analysis.

Some PPC agencies will even have their own bespoke automation systems to handle these tasks. Again, this can improve efficiency and therefore boost progress, but remember to ask about the portability of these tools and processes if you were to switch agencies – what would happen to your campaigns in this scenario?

12. Does your agency offer other marketing services?

As mentioned earlier, it shows that an agency is experienced and knowledgeable if they offer other digital marketing services in addition to PPC, as all of these services are so closely related. These services can include SEO, content marketing, digital PR, social media and website development

Comprehensiveness can often show that an agency has a broader understanding, but it can sometimes mean that they’re stretched too thin. In some cases, agencies will add PPC services to their offerings so that they can have the full package of marketing services, but they may not have an experienced PPC team. Instead, they may outsource PPC services to freelancers. Make sure you ask about their services and discover how experienced their PPC team is so you can truly reap the benefits of your PPC campaigns

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13. How do you keep up with industry changes?

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, so you need to know that your chosen PPC agency can keep up with the times and continue to deliver fantastic results. To discover how they deal with these changes, ask about how they conduct internal training, whether they consistently update certifications and whether they attend industry events.

Here at TAL Agency, we ensure that all of our teams stay up-to-date on marketing trends through individual mentoring, cross-department training and a £500 training budget for each employee. Plus, we attend external conferences to get the latest insights into industry trends and changes.

14. What SLAs do you have?

Service level agreements (SLAs) set out the contractual obligations of both parties. Therefore, the agency’s SLAs will show you their contractual obligations when it comes to deliverables, communication times and contract termination. Before signing any contracts, make sure you go through these SLAs to find out what you can expect from your next PPC agency.

By asking these 14 questions, you’ll find it much easier to discover the best PPC agency for your business. If you’re looking for PPC specialists who accurately report on ROI, constantly optimise your bids and expand your reach to attract new site visitors, get in touch with us at TAL Agency today. Our experienced PPC team will do whatever it takes to get your business seen by more people and make your investment worthwhile.

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