7 blogging tips you need to have in your back pocket

5 Sep 2021

Content marketing

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Full of ideas, you’ve booted up your laptop, ready for the words to spill from your fingertips. And yet, why is it so hard to actually begin writing that blog post? How can you convert these sporadic thoughts into legible, engaging writing that will leave the reader in the palm of your hand, desperate for the next one? We’ve all been in this position before, not knowing where or how to begin. But with these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a champion of words and an all round blogging master faster than you can say Shakespeare. 

1) Get planning

Hold your horses. Without a step-by-step plan in place, your blog won’t get far. Have a good think about the meaning behind your words, and the reason why you initially pulled out your laptop in the first place. 

Start by establishing who your target audience is, figuring out how your blog post aims to target and resolve their pain points – aka, the reason why they headed over to a search engine in the first place. Secondly, be very clear of your business objectives and what you’re setting out to achieve. Once you know what you’re working towards, you’ll be able to begin creating a reliable digital marketing strategy, or improve and adapt the existing plan you already have in place. 

2) Do your (keyword) research

Welcome to the wonderful world of SEO. Without incorporating this into your strategy, your writing could end up getting lost amongst a sea of other blogs. Bearing this in mind, keyword research is pivotal for staying on top of your game. This is where tools like Moz and Ahrefs come in handy, so that you can really get to grips with the hot topics. Keywords, however, can end up having an adverse effect if you’re not careful, especially if you end up becoming a serial keyword crammer. This is a no go from Google, and it could mean missing out on the top spot. 

3) Quality writing

Being a good writer, or blogger, isn’t just about churning out content as often as you can. It’s about taking the time to better your technique in a way that will convince your readers to become loyal customers. So, which aspects will leave them coming back for more? Ultimately, you should be writing shareable content that will win external links, offering your own unique standpoint that will distance you from countless competitors. By getting your tone of voice spot on, avoiding waffle and ensuring that your ending paragraph is just as grabbing as the first, you’ll be on the road to producing some great quality content – and you’ll end up ranking higher on Google too! 

4)…But let’s not forget quantity!

What’s quantity without quality? Findings have shown that publishing two to four times a week generates the best traffic and conversion results, so make sure you’re not leaving your readers in the dark, wondering when your next post will be. Creating a content calendar is great for managing workload, allowing you to clearly see which clients require delivery the soonest, along with each piece’s relevant keyword research. Organisation is paramount to any successful business, and it’s sure to improve each and every one of your blogs. 

5) Finding your niche

What is it about your brand that sets you apart from the rest? This is where discovering your niche, aka your unique selling point, comes in. Competitors are everywhere, and they’re all hungry for the same prize – customer attention. To win readers over, you need to uncover that all important gap in the market, which can be done through competitor analysis. This can then be incorporated into your blogging strategy, as you write about individual topics that your desired demographic would want to read about. 

6) Practice makes perfect

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Your blogs won’t always be perfect the first time around, so be prepared to tweak regularly. Although your writing may look good on the surface, it’s important to consistently refer back to your good friend Google Analytics to measure results accurately. Updating your blog posts regularly has major SEO benefits due to Google’s ever changing algorithm, so don’t just forget about older content once it’s been uploaded. 

7) Your trusty notebook

Who knows when your next lightbulb moment will be? By carrying a notebook around with you at all times, you can quickly jot down ideas without fear of forgetting them within minutes. Writer’s block is, unfortunately, inevitable for any blogger, so having this on hand is perfect for those moments where your brain just isn’t cooperating. 

If you need a hand with optimising your blogging style, our team of friendly digital marketing professionals can help with anything from initial content marketing, to applying best SEO practices to your work. Give us a call today so we can start putting together a marketing strategy that best suits your business needs. 

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