7 Chrome extensions that every digital PR needs

15 Apr 2022

Digital PR

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When it comes to the world of digital PR, there are many tools available to offer a helping hand, and Google’s Chrome extensions is undoubtedly one of the best. An extension can be installed into your Chrome browser to offer lots of extra features you wouldn’t get otherwise. With every extension added, your Chrome browser becomes more and more tailored to your needs; it can help to make your life that little bit easier. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most useful Chrome extensions for digital PR. 

Chrome extensions 

picking PR chrome extensions

Ad blockers


Having an ad blocker is probably one of the most well-known Chrome extensions out there, and it’s super important for PR. When you’re doing important research, or checking out the competition, the last thing you want are ads getting in the way. That’s why using an ad blocker can be so helpful. To get rid of all of those pesky ads on your browser we recommend using AdBlock. A staple for any digital PR, but don’t take our word for it… 




The bane of any digital PR’s life is locating those oh-so precious emails, but with Hunter on your side this is made ten times easier. Hunter can not only locate email addresses, but names and job titles too. As a PR wizard you’ll know what to do with the info this Chrome extension finds, and you can contact all the relevant personnel you need within no time. You name it, Hunter can find it and you can benefit from it.




Links! We love links! But how do you tell the difference between a follow and no-follow? This is where the extension NoFollow comes into play. NoFollow highlights nofollow links instantly to make your life easier. With 100,000+ users, this extension is a helpful little tool. 




Do you often feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of tabs open on your browser? Then OneTab is the extension for you. OneTab condenses all of your open tabs into list form, making it easy to access each one without the stress of open tab overload. Perfect for those hectic days.


Keywords Everywhere


We all love a bit of keyword research, but what if there was a way to make it even easier? Well you’re in luck. Keywords Everywhere shows you what keywords are trending, including long-tail keywords, related keywords and also various traffic and SEO metrics. Great, right?




So, you’ve been sending out hundreds of emails to journalists and publications, but there’s no way of knowing whether they’ve opened your email or whether it ended up in spam. Or is there? With MailTrack you can actually see if your emails have been sent, and if they’ve been opened, helping you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.




There’s nothing worse than sending an email or an article with spelling mistakes – yikes. With Grammarly this won’t be a problem. Being able to instantly check on spelling, style and tone makes this extension a worthy addition to your browser. 


Building your PR strategy

choosing which chrome extensions to use

All of this may seem daunting, but our team of digital PR experts is here to help. From the creation of press releases, to outreach opportunities and reactive campaigns – these are all things we can help you with. Why not drop us a message and see if we’re right for you?

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