How to stay creative when you’re always creative

14 Jan 2020

Content marketing

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We’re a creative bunch here at TAL Agency. Whether it’s for outreach or onsite, our content marketing team are always coming up with new ideas, often on the spot, for clients of all shapes and sizes and across all industries. It ain’t easy! It’s hard not to feel your creative energy depleted at the end of the day. 

Here’s how they stay on top creative form. 

Have another creative outlet

It doesn’t matter what you’re day-to-day creative involves, it’s important that you have something to distract you. This can be something totally different, but it should still be creative as it keeps that part of your brain active and working. This could be colouring – adult colouring books have taken off over the past few years! – art, drawing, creative writing… Whatever floats your boat.

Get on the move

Do some exercise like go for a walk if you feel stuck in the office – a productive use of your lunch break – or if you’re at home, lace up your trainers and pound the pavement jogging or pop on a YouTube yoga class. A rush of mood-boosting endorphins is the perfect way to get those creative juices flowing.

Have an ‘inspiration’ file

As creatives, we thrive off good ideas. But we often rely on expecting them to appear at any given moment, which isn’t always the case. Instead, we try to practice the art of collecting good ideas and keeping them safe til we need to pick one out.

If you struggle to stay creative all the time, why not start an ‘inspiration’ file? Basically it is a place where you can collect semi-formed ideas and keep them safe. This could be a Pinterest board, a physical folder of paper… whatever suits you. Collect ideas and inspiration from physical magazines, newspapers, photos and existing articles, all in one place that you can dip in and out of. 

Start now and watch your collection grow day by day.

Always carry a notepad

Leading on from the above, you never know when inspiration will strike, so carry a notepad with you at all times. Or have a dedicated app on your phone where you can jot down any random thoughts that occur to you. Because as much as you say you’ll remember, chances are you won’t with everything else flying around in your head.

Keep it by your bedside table at night and in your bag during the day and whip it out whenever a creative thought pops into your head. While they may not appear fully formed and ready to flesh out straight away, you can always flick through this treasure trove when you’re short of an idea or two.

Do nothing

One of the problems with being creative is that our brains are always switched on. We’re always thinking about the next thing we need to be doing, an idea that needs polishing or an article to finish. Creatives need time to switch off, but that’s easier said than done.

When we say do nothing, we really mean do nothing. Do whatever you need to do to relax – play a video game, watch some Netflix or take a bubble bath –  but don’t do any work. Chill out, enjoy yourself and return to work later. You’ll feel refreshed and inspired. 

Go to sleep

There’s a reason everyone says “sleep on it”. Of course, this option is only available if you’re at home – unless you work somewhere with the Google-esque perk on nap pods. Nothing bad ever happens when someone gets a good night’s rest, and often it is exactly what you need after a long hard day. It restores you fully from a physical and mental point of view, so make sure you get those eight hours.

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