What is digital PR?

26 Nov 2022

Digital PR

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What is digital PR?

Digital PR – short for public relations – is a strategy used by digital marketers to reach new audiences and strengthen a brand. But, digital PR rarely works alone – it’s often used in conjunction with content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

Digital PR specialists build relationships with journalists so that they can outreach content and campaigns to popular publications. These relationships are also helpful when publicising press releases or trying to gain backlinks to a brand’s website. All in all, digital PR helps to strengthen other digital marketing strategies, whilst also reaching new audiences and developing fresh, bold campaign ideas.

What is the difference between traditional PR and digital PR?

While PR in general has the same goal – to raise publicity and awareness – there are vast differences between traditional PR and digital PR. For example, where traditional PR may gain publicity in print newspapers and magazines, digital PR focuses on securing backlinks from online publications. Backlinks are incredibly effective as they provide audiences with the opportunity to go directly to your website from another website. Not only does this drive more traffic to your website, it can also increase your site’s domain authority, which is great for SEO purposes. In contrast, someone who sees a brand mentioned in a physical publication may quickly forget or simply not bother to visit your business, since there’s no direct link.

Some other forms of traditional PR are: television and radio adverts, leaflets, and billboards. While these are still commonplace today, they do face limitations from being offline. For example, as discussed in our blog about iconic British adverts, mobile company Three gained millions of shares from their dancing pony advert when it was posted on YouTube. While traditional TV ads may be widely spoken about and receive plenty of coverage, taking advertisements online opens the door to lots of shares – which is the key to viral marketing. What makes digital PR so great is the potential for going viral, as once a post gets a few shares online, these tend to multiply.

What is a digital PR strategy?

A digital PR strategy most commonly involves reaching out to journalists to gain backlinks. Digital PR strategists also know how to write a great press release and will strategise when to send this out for the best results. An incredible digital PR campaign is one that’s well-researched, engaging, and relevant to your target audience. So, everything from market research to outreaching content can make up a digital PR strategy, as long as the goal is to attract positive publicity and drive traffic to your website.

How can digital PR benefit a business?

Digital PR has many benefits when done right – a top-notch digital PR agency can completely elevate your business achievements.

The benefits of digital PR include:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Improve your Google ranking – digital PR strengthens SEO
  • Increase press coverage about your brand
  • Create a positive brand image and strengthen your reputation
  • Promote your blog posts or other content
  • Generate leads and sales
  • Establish yourself as a qualified professional in your industry

Some digital PR examples

Now you know what digital PR is, let’s delve into what digital PR campaigns can look like. It’s not all about speaking with journalists – sometimes bigger, riskier moves need to be taken to really grow a brand. Here are some digital PR examples which we found effective with our own clients.


Newsjacking involves embracing current trending stories or topics, and quickly releasing content about that topic. Topical content that’s well-written and researched has a high chance of being used by lots of journalists, and then shared by even more readers. Read our guide to newsjacking to find out more about this method.

We recently carried out a newsjacking campaign for a client which received over 80 pieces of coverage in just one day, featuring in reputable publications such as Bloomberg and The Washington Post. You can read more about this amazing example of newsjacking here.

Creating a media spokesperson

When it comes to digital PR, sometimes the best moves come from thinking outside of the box. We created a media spokesperson for a client, named Ruby Payne, who stood in as an alias for an expert within the sex industry (to protect their identity). This spokesperson became a figurehead of our client, and journalists ate it up. We secured coverage in countless well-known publications, including Cosmopolitan, GQ Magazine, The New York Post, Daily Mirror, and Huffington Post. Read more about this digital PR success story here.

Hopefully you’re now aware of what digital PR is and the many amazing benefits it can bring to businesses. If you’d like to speak to our digital PR specialists, get in touch today.

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