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22 May 2020

The Audit Lab

Claire Crompton

Claire Crompton

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If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the online world is essential. Whether it’s staying in touch with distant friends and family or shipping your products to customers, the internet is more important than ever before. But if you’re a business that’s not online, then you may have found recent times tough. 

If you need an example of the perils of not being online, you only have to look at one of the biggest giants dominating the high street. We all know Primark, who were pulling in as much as £650 million a month, has seen their profits fall to zero and furloughed all 68,000 of their staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unlike their biggest rivals – the likes of ASOS, Boohoo and Missguided, Primark doesn’t have an online store, and has therefore not been able to boost lost revenue through orders and deliveries. And while there were rumours we could soon shop at Primark from our own couches, none of these ever came to fruition. Fast forward and it seems like they’ve missed a trick. 

But Primark’s case is not uncommon, especially among small businesses and those who have relied on their bricks and mortar since they were established. And why shouldn’t they? If they’ve done so well for themselves without a website, who could have predicted that there would soon be a pandemic sweeping the globe? 

All is not lost, however. While there may be a number of factors that go into making a great online business, help is at hand in the form of the experts at TAL Agency. We offer everything you could ever need to get up and running, so let’s get started, shall we?


So, you’ve taken the plunge and got yourself a website to show off your products and services? That’s where SEO comes in. 

Otherwise known as search engine optimisation, our guys will get you looking good in the eyes of Google and other search engines. It’ll also make your website ‘crawlable’ by Google, so you can start to appear when people search for things. 

Audits – Let’s take a deep dive into your website and what’s going on behind the scenes. You’ve got to know where you’ve been before you can know where you’re going. Our team will find any problems that exist in your site.

Technical SEO – To put it simply, we make your website work properly. We take all those issues we found in the audit, and we fix them! Each of these issues could mean the difference between a sale and a customer disappearing never to be seen again, so it’s important that they are solved as soon as possible. And don’t worry, we keep a close eye on your site even after this to make sure nothing goes wrong in the future.


PPC stands for pay-per-click, and it’s where you pay search engines (usually Google) to advertise higher up the results page in the hopes of achieving your goals, whatever they may be! This could be leads, higher web traffic, or conversions. 

So, what could our PPC team do for you with your brand spanking new online store?

Audits – This is how our team ‘take a peek under the hood’ of your current paid ventures. We cast a keen and detailed eye over what you’re currently doing and spot where improvements could be made.

Keyword research – Are you aiming for the right keywords that your target customers are actively searching for? Even a small tweak here and there can make all the difference.

Ad copy trials – When you have your keywords and ads, now comes the time for testing; you’ve got to make sure you’re doing it right! Our team will conduct split testing with different wording and messages to judge which one performs better.

Social media

Chances are you’ve already heard of social media, but did you know it’s not just a place to catch up with friends and family? As a marketing tool social media can do a whole lot for your business no matter what your goals are, whether it’s getting more likes, generating leads or just driving brand awareness.

Organic social – Organic refers to anything that isn’t paid for, and it’s a way of staying in touch with people who are already fans of your page. So what can we do for you? We can create, schedule and post relevant organic content to your social media pages that is beautifully presented, on brand and in the right tone of voice.

Paid social – This refers to any ads or boosted posts. We can help here by creating relevant and eye-catching ads that are aimed at growing your audience, as well as converting visitors into sales.

Content marketing

Having the right content on your site can mean the difference between a repeat customer for years and them never giving your brand a second thought again. Let’s see what our content team can do for you.

Audit – Let’s go right back to basics. What do you have on your website? Are there gaping holes? Here our team will take a peek at your onsite assets to judge what someone in your industry should be producing, right down from production frequency to topics and tone of voice.

Strategy – Coming up with the right strategy is all about considering what you want your onsite content to do for your business. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll produce a strategy that is in-depth and uniquely tailored to your business. Whether it’s improving on-page copy, blog post production or videos, we’ll cover it.

Production – Now comes the fun part. Our team will fully immerse themselves in your brand, your vision and your messaging to produce organic content designed to help you meet your overall SEO and Digital PR goals.

Digital PR

Once you’ve got your new website up and running, you’re going to want to get the word out. And that’s where Digital PR comes in, because you just can’t put a price on a good reputation.

Link audit – Who is already linking to your website? And do you want those links on your permanent record? We’ll uncover if there’s anything untoward pointing to your site.

Targeting – Every business owner has a list of dream publications they would like to be listed in, but where are you going to get the most value for your website? Our Digital PR experts will come up with a list of online industry and national publications that will best benefit you.

Ideation – Coming up with something that’s going to grab people’s attention isn’t easy, but that’s what we’re great at. Our Digital PR and content teams will meet and brainstorm ideas that are going to get your the most coverage in the right places. 

So there you have it. That’s everything TAL Agency can do to transform your business online. If you’re brand new to the online world, we’ll get you up and running and make sure it’s smooth sailing from there, and if you’re already established we’ll make sure you’re following best practices to a tee. 

Sound good? Let’s get started! Get in touch with us to kick things off!

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