8 reasons to work in digital marketing

20 Nov 2022

Digital marketing

Claire Crompton

Claire Crompton

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Digital marketing is an effective way of growing a business and reaching new customers, but it’s also an exciting and lucrative career. As one of the most in-demand roles in the job market right now, it’s definitely a job prospect everyone should look into. So, why choose a career in digital marketing? Keep reading to discover eight reasons to work in digital marketing.

1) The role is in-demand

Digital marketing can benefit all businesses, so naturally there’s high demand for these roles. If a business wants to reach and attract more customers, they need to hire a digital marketing specialist. So, there are lots of jobs in digital marketing on the market at the moment, and it’s unlikely that demand will drop. This means that jobs will be easier to come across, and salaries will be higher. Plus, there’s the option for freelance digital marketing if you have plenty of experience.

2) The field is constantly evolving

The digital world is constantly changing and evolving, along with digital marketing, too. This means your job could transform over the space of a few years as new platforms and algorithms are introduced. People who embrace change and new challenges would find a career in digital marketing exciting, as no day is ever really the same. Plus, there are new roles and responsibilities constantly developing within the world of digital marketing. For example, recent years have seen a rise in marketers using social media due to its huge popularity.

3) You’ll develop lots of skills

Digital marketing is such a diverse field that those in the industry often have lots of skills under their belt. From content writing to creating and managing PPC campaigns, the things you can do as a digital marketer are wide and varied. A lot of the time, you’ll manage different aspects of digital marketing. For example, content marketers will be skilled in both SEO and content writing, as the two skills work hand in hand to create SEO friendly content. Many fields of digital marketing also overlap with social media, so it’s likely that you’ll pick up some social media know-how.

Not to mention, there are plenty of free online resources to help you enhance your digital marketing skills. Some notable websites are Moz and HubSpot, as well as our very own Content Hub.

4) You can see the results of your work

For some people, nothing is more motivating than seeing the fruits of their labour. Because digital marketing uses lots of analytics and metrics, it’s easy to observe how your work is performing. Whether it’s through Google Analytics or other platforms, you can see how many clicks your campaigns and content are earning. There’s no better feeling than improving your work and seeing the benefits a few months down the line!

5) There’s room for creativity

wall art that says get the creativity flowing

Marketing is a creative industry, as there are loads of different approaches you can take. Some of the most effective marketing campaigns have come from taking risks and doing things that haven’t been done before. The different types of marketing often require different approaches – for example, social media marketing might need creative video and visual content, whereas content marketing requires you to come up with new, exciting ideas for blog posts. If you have lots of ideas and creative flair, then digital marketing provides plenty of opportunities to use your imagination.

6) It’s a youthful career

Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere – it’s still fairly new in the grand scheme of things, so there’s no chance of the hype dying down. Digital marketing is an attractive career for young professionals and graduates, so many see it as a ‘trendy’ career path. This isn’t to say that digital marketing isn’t for the older generations – with the right training and skill set, anyone can become a great digital marketer. However, with a shift towards social media and younger audiences, digital marketing seems to favour young people who know how to market to their peers.

7) You can work from anywhere

Digital marketing is, as the name suggests, digital. This means that work can be done from pretty much anywhere, as long as you have a strong internet connection and the right software. This means most digital marketing agencies will offer flexible working hours, as well as the option for remote working. This is especially helpful for freelancers, as you can work wherever and whenever suits you.

8) You don’t need a strong background in marketing

Because digital marketing is always changing, marketers are constantly learning new skills and techniques to keep up with the times. This means that you can pick up a lot of skills and knowledge on the job, and you don’t particularly need a degree in marketing. Of course, certain skills can help you to get into the industry – for example, great writing or a knack for social media. However, lots of this can be learned through practice and experience, so there’s no need for any particular background to land an entry-level marketing position.

At TAL Agency, digital marketing is our forte – from paid social to web development. If you want to find out more about how a digital marketing agency could help your business, contact us today.

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