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15 Jan 2021

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Hannah Wilde

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Lead generation: the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. Taken from Google’s dictionary itself, this term basically refers to the holy grail of businesses world over, and you could say, it makes the world turn. 


Step back in time and lead generation looked like listings in newspapers, market traders bellowing out deals, door-to-door salesmen knocking and echoing mantras, and constant cold calls. This still happens mind you, but in a digital world, not only can businesses use less annoying tactics, but they can now use a great range of social media sites – home to billions of users – to grab consumers’ attention (both new and old) without stepping foot out the door. 


The door-to-door salesman has become redundant when you can reach millions from a mobile with a simple digital ad, and there’s no better way to help generate leads than with Facebook; the world’s largest social media platform with 2.7 billion active monthly users. 

Let’s take a look then at their recent tips for the new year to help maximise lead generation through their highly targeted lead generation ads.


Lead capture


First and foremost, when it comes to generating leads, it starts with capturing the right ones and showing trust. What you don’t want to do is trigger eye rolls and scare away potential leads by putting ads with too obvious data-capturing forms in front of the wrong eyes. You need to build trust and present trustworthy ads that entice users to sign up, showing them how exactly they can benefit from your product or service. Facebook stresses that you should be transparent and clear with your audience, ensuring they know what they’re signing up for, and why. So, be upfront, but not off-putting, and impress the right audiences with your valuable resources; you don’t want to capture dead-end ‘leads’.


Lead magnets


Facebook urges you to adopt a “give before asking” mentality by focusing on really attracting your audiences by offering something valuable in return for their data. You should work on really drawing them in. Examples are: eBooks, free trials, discount codes, one-sheets, newsletters, quizzes, guides and webinars. It’s all about offering exclusivity to make users not want to miss out on your insight or offering. These resources you offer can help build trust and can nurture leads into conversions down the line or even immediately.


Landing page


What’s so great and efficient about Facebook’s business tools is their ability to test different ad copies or landing pages. Facebook’s recent tips for optimising landing pages is to test alternate ones to analyse which delivers the highest click-through and conversion rate. You may want to design one that’s a bit bolder and brighter with more copy against one that has a more neutral tone with minimalist copy to compare results. Facebook also recommends you to set up a website Custom Audience for retargeting, to help you bring back those lost leads. 


Lead scoring


When leads are coming in, you need an efficient way to contact them that doesn’t take up too much time, draining resources. This is where you should apply the lead-scoring technique. Facebook cleverly measures interactions and engagement with your ads and assigns point values for the different types of engagement – e.g. they rate downloading a white paper with more points than unsubscribing from an email list. These values help you categorise leads and to focus on ones that are more likely to convert first with your content.


Facebook lead generation ad example


Facebook has provided a handy visual of what a good lead-generating ad can look like, followed by a guidance template on writing successful ad copy. 


It’s clear that Facebook values its contributors and business page managers by giving them regular tips, considering they help make the platform a ton of money! The insightful tools offered by Facebook are leading to more social media vacancies opening up; dedicated roles are needed due to the time and data-led strategies involved. 


These tips and techniques can help steer a range of businesses and social media managers to the right path towards successful lead generation. 

It all takes time, resources and expertise, however, to stay on that path, which is why businesses are turning to paid social media agencies to deliver commercially-minded campaigns with lead-generating and converting results. 


And here at TAL Agency, we know all about this. Day in, day out, we analyse and work on exciting organic and paid social campaigns for a range of brands, to help them reach the right audiences and keep their social profiles active and engaging. 

Want to learn more about what we’ve done for brands on social media? Get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.

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