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5 Dec 2021


Helen Crompton

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What is remarketing?

Before we delve into the perks that come with this must-know conversion tactic, let’s start by understanding what is actually meant by the term “remarketing”. Put simply, it involves displaying ads to previous web surfers that have paid a visit to your website, whether this be adding a product to their cart and bouncing off the payment page, or for those that have landed on your homepage at some point. Each ad that’s displayed will differ to the next depending on each user’s browsing habits, personalised accordingly to increase the chances of them being enticed by the product. 

When should you use remarketing?

Remarketing is used to re-engage customers that have shown a previous interest in your services or products, effectively reminding them that their home really could do with that fancy lamp after all. Ultimately, it’s a surefire way to reinforce your brand, allowing you to remain at the forefront of a web surfer’s mind in a world teeming with competition, thus encouraging a rise in conversion rates. So, if this isn’t a sign to start remarketing your ads pronto, we don’t know what is. 

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing pixel tags

To kickstart the remarketing process, a pixel tag (a small piece of code) will be added to your website to keep track of any intrigued visitors. Each time you get a new click, this pixel tag will leave an anonymous browser cookie, and this user will then be incorporated into your remarketing list (we’ll go on to explain more about these shortly). As every visitor has their own unique, anonymous ID, you’ll be able to keep track of each individual’s activity, tailoring the ads accordingly so that they’re more likely to be lured in. 

Remarketing lists for search ads

A remarketing list is used to store each website visitor in one place, organised depending on the specific action they have taken on your page. For example, you could have a separate column for those that have visited your home page, for people that have landed on a specific product page, or you could divide up buyers from the non-buyers. The more visitors end up on your website, the more lists you can add; this is when you can start to get really specific with the messages you send out on your remarketing ad, which will generate more conversions.

Email list remarketing

Email list remarketing is another way to store all of your visitors in one place, again depending on the actions that each of your subscribers takes upon receiving promotional messages, newsletters or otherwise; for example, do they actually open the email or not? You may also decide to divide them up based on their age, gender or demographic, so the possibilities really are endless. This list can then be exported and uploaded directly onto Google Ads. Each one of your subscribers will be anonymously identified, again by using the cookies that are left by pixel tags. 

What are the advantages of remarketing?

So, why should you start incorporating remarketing into your PPC strategy? Simple answer: conversions. It’s inevitable that your target customers will be constantly bombarded with ads, almostly definitely forgetting about those they had seen previously. Sending out tailored, easy to set up remarketing ads has been proven to drive results, with the average click through rate being 0.7%, as opposed to 0.07% for Google search ads. To really optimise the whole process and make sure you’re getting the most out of your efforts, you can use Google Analytics to keep track of how your ads are doing, adapting them if needed.

Do you want to learn more about remarketing?  

To incorporate this popular conversion tactic into your digital marketing strategy, have a chat with our PPC team today to transform tempted visitors into loyal customers. Our main aim is for you to generate genuine results, regardless of the industry, helping you to grow your business to be the best it can be. Get in touch with us today! 

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