How to be a master of client onboarding

29 Jul 2022

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Luke Harling

Luke Harling

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What is client onboarding? 

Client onboarding occurs when an agency or business brings on a new client. The process of onboarding includes meeting with the client and running over any questions or queries they may have. Creating a great client experience is the key to keeping and bringing on more clientele.


Why is client onboarding important? 

Ensuring that your clients feel comfortable working alongside your business is vital for the success of both parties. Take care of your clients with a proper onboarding process and they’ll stick around for the long haul. 


Creating a client onboarding strategy 

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When you bring on a new client, those first stages are crucial and can make or break your relationship. Having a well practiced client onboarding strategy will not only make bringing on new clients easy, but it’ll ensure the same standard across all new clientele. 


Understand your client’s needs 

Each client will require something different from your business to meet their needs. So, before anything else, you should get to know their needs and tailor your plan accordingly. This is also a great time for them to express any worries or issues they have from the get go. Work as a team to iron out any issues and then get started.


Involve your team 

Have your client meet the people behind the scenes who will be providing the results. This is a great way to build a healthy relationship and to show exactly what you can offer them. Go into detail surrounding each team member’s role and how this can boost your client’s business. Now that your client understands where their money is going and how it is being used, they will feel at ease. 


Face to face meetings 

As easy as it is to do everything over email or by phone, arranging some in person contact time is always great too. This doesn’t have to be every week, but occasional face to faces will really help to form a strong connection with clients. 


Check in 

Regular check ins are extremely important for new clients as well as older clients. Keep them posted on how things are going and what your team have done so far – this includes sending across statistics and results. Daily, or weekly, contact with a client will boost the relationship from both sides, and this could simply be a quick email update to highlight tasks that have been ticked off, and what’s left to be done.


Keep it up 

In terms of client onboarding, the early stages are important, but keeping up with the pace of a fast growing relationship is equally as vital. Once the onboarding process is complete, use any feedback, good or bad, to help your team moving forwards. This way, you can ensure that any new clients who come on board are receiving the best possible treatment.


Hopefully this has helped to give you an insight into how to master client onboarding. If you’re looking for a team to help manage the marketing side of your business, why not get in touch and have a chat with our team today?

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