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15 Aug 2022

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How to set up a business Twitter account 

Starting a social media account from scratch can be tricky, especially when it comes to growing a following. Luckily, setting up a Twitter account for your business is the easiest part. Simply register on the Twitter app or website and you’re ready to get started. From here, you will need to add a bio, a picture, and you’ll also need to decide on who you want to follow. 


Who to follow for business Twitter

Choosing people to follow on your personal Twitter account is pretty straightforward, but when it comes to a business Twitter account, this may need more thought. A personal account is centred around an individual, and they can follow whoever they want depending on their likes and dislikes. However, a business Twitter account needs a curated following. 


Try to follow like minded people, such as experts in your field of work or people from your local community. Follow the staff within your company or business associates. We recommend staying away from political and activist groups in order to remain neutral, and to prevent alienating customers. That is unless politics is part of your brand, of course. 


How to interact on business Twitter account

Boosting your Twitter following takes some time, but it can help to engage with those that you may have followed. Engagement could simply mean liking their post or maybe retweeting with a comment to give your company’s insight. Staying present on social media is the best way to slowly build up a great account.


What to write in your business Twitter bio 

A bio is the first thing people will read when they bring up your Twitter page, so it needs to be good. Explain who you are as a business, but add some personality and humour in there too. However you write your bio, keep it short and snappy – people are unlikely to stick around to read more than two sentences.


What to post on your business Twitter 

What you post on your business account is completely up to you. From updates about the business, to alerting customers of an incoming sale, there is – to some degree – no limit to what you can post. However, we do recommend keeping a somewhat consistent theme to your tweets. For example, if you’re opting for a more witty approach to appeal to Gen Z, ensure that this tone is kept throughout. Try to build your brand’s personality via your tweets.


How to create a Twitter posting schedule

Once you’ve decided what you want to post on your feed, it’s now time to create a posting schedule. To keep potential customers, and loyal followers, interested in your Twitter account, you need to be active. That means posting at least one Tweet a day. We suggest creating a backlog of draft Tweets that can be uploaded everyday without fail. Also, make sure to jump on any current trends or updates within your business as soon as they appear. 


Why your business should use Twitter

iphone with twitter app open

Many companies use Twitter as a platform to promote their products, chat to their customers and to stay up to date on new trends. But why should your business use Twitter?


1. Customer engagement 

Social media platforms offer businesses an opportunity to chat and engage with their customers. This allows companies to build trust amongst their followers and to solve any queries they may have. It also adds a personal touch to the brand.


2. Target audience 

Twitter is used by much of the older generation, but it is primarily Gen Z and Millennials who will be viewing your business profile. Therefore, Twitter is a great way to connect with, and market to, those age certain groups. It also means that you’re targeting them in a suitable way, so they are more likely to have positive connotations towards your brand.


3. Brand awareness 

What better way to increase brand awareness than to be on a platform of 329 million users? If you use Twitter regularly, not only will your following grow, but so will your customers. Social media can be a wonderful tool for businesses; it allows them to branch out to buyers from all over the globe and to create a great brand image.


4. Trends

Making use of a business twitter account is a surefire way to stay relevant, and how do you do this? By following and staying up to date with the latest trends. Utilising trending hashtags when you’re able to is the perfect way to remain in the public eye. You might even go viral with one of your tweets.


5. Low maintenance 

Compared to the likes of Instagram, posting on Twitter is relatively low-maintenance. We say this because you don’t necessarily need to post a photo or video, just a humorous caption or an informative snippet. This makes Twitter easy and quick to use for an experienced wordsmith.


Twitter can do wonders for your business, don’t believe us? Our social media team can offer a few more helpful insights into how social media can benefit you. Why not get in touch with us today?


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