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15 Jul 2021

Account Management

Luke Harling

Luke Harling

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Want to improve your relationship with your clients? Come right this way. Our account management team gives their top tips for keeping clients happy.

If you’re looking to elevate your business to the next level, it’s essential to recognise the importance of client relationship building. We often forget that clients are ultimately responsible for generating your revenue, so without them, it’s hard to go far. 

But fear not! When it comes to providing first class service, start by putting yourself in the client’s shoes; if you were doing business with someone, which attributes would you be on the lookout for? And what would make you keep coming back for more? Read on for our thoughts on the best ways to build client relationships that last for years. 

Stand out from the crowd

When battling it out in a highly competitive market, it’s easy to feel like a goldfish in the ocean. However, competitive spirit is the driving force behind motivation, so embrace this feeling! 

Start by making a good first impression. Your introductory statement along with the whole client onboarding process is so important. By explaining clearly exactly what it is you do, how you can help – along with why your business sets itself apart from the rest – you’re on your way to forming a great client bond. Convey your pride and passion for what you do throughout, because clients definitely won’t want to engage with someone whose favourite time of the day is their lunch break. 

Tone of voice

One point that is often overlooked is getting the right tone of voice. Whether this is writing content for clients and understanding their brand and target audience, or even when responding to an email, it can all impact the relationship building. 

For example, some clients may prefer to upkeep a serious and professional ‘to the point’ tone, rather than a less formal, tongue-in-cheek style of messaging. If you’d like to find out more tips and tricks on how to get your tone of voice spot on, our previous blog post can lend a helping hand. 

Organization is key

Although it may seem obvious, clients love someone who’s always thinking one step ahead and who knows exactly what’s happening, or what needs to be done next. Many will often be working to a tight schedule, so having a well organised diary on hand to jot down any deadlines will relieve some stress and, most importantly, save your brain from exploding. 

If you’re dealing with multiple clients at once, make a note of when you last checked in with each of them, so that none are receiving the silent treatment. When a client feels ignored, or that you aren’t dedicating enough time to them, it could tarnish the relationship. Need some more inspiration for staying organised at work? Slack, a business that has skyrocketed over the past year, have revealed their insights here.

Opt for open communication

The best relationships are built on transparency, so be sure to give your clients the opportunity to share their true thoughts and feelings. Being able to empathise with and understand your clients’ challenges and objectives will go a long way. In some cases, your suggestions may be met with criticism, which shouldn’t be taken personally. Instead, proving that you can take this on the chin and learn from it will strengthen your reputation as a business, and help your client grow too! 

Whether you join us for PPC, SEO or content marketing, each and every one of our clients receives world class account management. You’ll be kept up to date on everything we’re up to, and we’re always just a phone call away.

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