6 steps to creating a winning social media strategy

12 May 2022

Social media

Hannah Wilde

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What is a social media strategy?


A social media strategy is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their social media presence, whether you’re a start-up, billion dollar corporation or a wannabe influencer. Through a careful plan, you can create content that will not only  perform well, but will keep your audience wanting more. Everyone loves a well put together social media page, and it’s a game changer for attracting new customers, and retaining loyal ones. 


Why is creating a social media strategy important?


Social media is one of the best tools a business can use, and that’s why having a winning social media strategy is so important. But why is it so important? 

Interacting and engaging with your audience is the key to survival for most businesses. An amazing social media strategy can boost both your brand and customer loyalty at the same time. Not only this, it can create a brand personality and start a conversation with customers. 

The steps to creating a social media strategy 

social media importance

1. Set some goals


Before you start your social strategy journey, make sure to set some goals. What do you want to achieve, and how do you want to achieve it? These goals don’t have to be far-fetched – in fact, sometimes it’s better to keep them simple and attainable – but they should always align with your business goals. Having targets in mind will keep your strategy clear and focused. 


2. Who is your audience? 


Working out who your audience is, and catering to them, is vital when creating a winning social media strategy. Things to consider when looking at your audience are: 


  • How old are they
  • Do they share any interests
  • Where are they based
  • What is their budget


Getting involved with your audience is a great way to boost social interaction whilst getting to know them; this could be through polls or giveaways, whatever takes your fancy. However, if your strategy isn’t focused around your audience then you’re already at a disadvantage. 


3. Which platform should you use? 


Remember to adapt your social strategy for different social media platforms. Decide which platforms would be best at showcasing different areas of your business, and make sure to keep it interesting on each platform; no one wants to see the same posts across every account. 


For example, Instagram could be used for aesthetic photos and infographics, whereas Twitter could show the witty and humorous side of your business. Using different social media platforms is a great way to show the personality and duality behind your brand. 


4. Check up on your competitors


Make sure to check up on competing businesses. What do your competitor’s social media pages look like, and is there any inspiration you can take from them? Conducting a competitor analysis is an all-round great way to improve your business, and can help with your social strategy. 


5. Consistency is key


Having a consistent aesthetic and tone of voice adds credibility to your social media page, so don’t forget to be structured with what you’re creating. This will make a massive difference on how your audience sees you, and ultimately, their perception of your business. With this in mind, make sure to have that consistent style perfected. 


6. Create a posting schedule 


Getting that sweet spot between not posting too much or too little is every social media manager’s dream. Generally speaking, posting one to two times a day on any platform is enough to catch your audience’s attention, but this can vary depending on which platform you’re using. Sometimes less is more when it comes to posting, as no one likes being bombarded with a stream of content.  


Social media strategy analysis

social media strategy analysis

Setting up a social media strategy is never complete without tracking the progression of your platforms and your posts. Seeing which posts and interactions have gained the most traction is the perfect way to see what content your audience likes or doesn’t like. If your strategy hasn’t worked out, your performance will show it, giving you time to switch it up. 


Want to find out more about creating a winning social media strategy? Why not contact us? Or check out what our social media team can do for you.

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