Why should marketers care about BeReal?

23 Jan 2023

Digital marketing

Darcy Hutchinson

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What is BeReal?

BeReal is a new social media platform that has taken social media users by storm with its new, authentic approach to photo-sharing. Gone are the filters and smoothing effects of other apps – on BeReal, you have to be real

So, how does the app work? BeReal users will get a random notification at any point throughout the day, telling them that it is “time to BeReal”. From there, users have two minutes to post what they are doing right at that moment. The app takes a photo from both the front and back camera, meaning there’s no hiding from showing people what you’re up to. Users are still able to post after the deadline, but the app tells other users how late their BeReal was uploaded. What’s more, the app displays how many times each person retakes their BeReal – the ultimate way to call people out for trying to get the perfect angle.

Users aren’t able to see others’ posts until they themselves have posted. Once they have, they’re able to react to and comment on their friends’ posts. Just like with the posts themselves, users can leave a RealMoji (a small circular photo of their face) that’s taken then and there. There are also pre-saved RealMojis, representing different emoji reactions: ?????.

Finally, BeReal offers two ways to interact with people on the app, by posting to “My Friends” or on their “Discovery” page, which is visible to users all around the world. The majority of BeReal users tend to stick to “My Friends” due to the unfiltered nature of the app. However, the “Discovery” tab allows users to attract worldwide audiences, prompting us to wonder how brands could hop on board the BeReal train.

What could BeReal marketing look like?

At the moment, BeReal does not support advertising on its platform, and likely won’t include it any time soon. However, that hasn’t stopped numerous brands from joining the social media platform. Brands such as Rare Beauty, Kiehl’s, and Chipotle have created BeReal accounts to appeal to younger audiences. Here’s how they went about using BeReal authentically:

Exclusive offers

After creating their BeReal account, fast food restaurant Chipotle launched a campaign to offer an exclusive deal to their most dedicated customers. Those who had added the brand on BeReal had access to a code that gave a free entrée to the first 100 people who used the code on the Chipotle app. Not only did this offer create a buzz of excitement as users rushed to snap up the deal, it also encouraged customers to download and use their app. 

Posting exclusive, limited-time offers is a great way to gain loyal “friends” on BeReal, furthering your brand’s social media presence. Devoted customers or bargain lovers won’t want to miss out on spontaneous offers, making BeReal a great place to excite and reward customers.

Behind the scenes access

Kiehl’s is an American cosmetics company that has used BeReal in its most conventional sense. The brand’s BeReal account features their mascot, Mr Bones, as well as staff working in the store. They post behind the scenes content of staff working hard, or from the perspective of their mascot in the shop. Never missing a chance to promote products, the Kiehl’s BeReal posts candid shots of shelves being stocked, or employees using their daily skincare routine. 

Most brands will be able to embrace this method, simply showing off what goes on every day in the workplace. However, creating an engaging post everyday with no prior warning of what time to post can become difficult and exhausting. So, be cautious of the commitment to posting new, authentic content every day if your brand wants to get started with BeReal.

Connecting with an audience

Rare Beauty, a makeup line by pop singer Selena Gomez, has embraced BeReal’s unorthodox approach. The brand’s director for consumer marketing remarked that “The premise of BeReal aligns with our brand ethos; we aim to break down the unrealistic standards of perfection, and we saw this platform as an opportunity to bring this to life while also meeting our community.” Rare Beauty’s audience want to connect with the brand on an authentic, personal level in line with the realistic approach they have towards makeup. For them, BeReal was the perfect way to push their brand’s message whilst also creating an interactive space for audiences.

Lessons we can learn from BeReal

BeReal marketing won’t be the perfect fit for every brand – and that’s perfectly fine. But, the huge popularity of the app can teach marketers some valuable lessons about marketing in 2023.

Perfection is overrated

BeReal’s whole premise contradicts apps like FaceTune or other editing programmes. This means there’s a large audience for raw, unfiltered photographs – roughly 10 million daily users. Clearly, BeReal users are bored of flashy ads and photoshopped models, favouring simple photographs taken with a smartphone camera within a two minute time frame. Of course, time and care will still be taken with large campaigns, but BeReal proves that a lot of people really aren’t too bothered about a perfect and idealistic brand image.

Embrace spontaneity

⚠️Time to BeReal.⚠️ With a two minute time limit at any given time of the day, BeReal goes against regular social media scheduling and post planning. This might be what dissuades many marketers from using BeReal for promotional purposes. However, embracing a little spontaneity in everyday social media marketing posts can create last-minute, inspiring content. Sometimes marketers can overthink campaigns due to the pressure of impressive results. Let loose and let your creative ideas flow, and you might be onto a winning campaign.

Be relatable

BeReal posts can be exciting, depending on what you’re doing at that moment, but many feature people in bed, or staring at their laptops. Yet, people still love to see what others are doing. Why? Because it’s relatable. Depending on your brand image, your target audience may not want to see content of fancy dinners and corporate events all the time. More and more social media marketers have begun to post their everyday life – from working on their sofa in pyjamas, to getting lunch in their break. Aside from luxury brands, showing that your brand and the people within it are relatable can help to connect with your audience.

However you wish to embrace the rise of BeReal in your marketing tactics, hopefully we can all agree that it marks a change in how audiences respond to online content. With a departure from perfectionist ideals, younger audiences are enjoying more down-to-earth, relatable approaches from brands. If you want to learn how to use digital marketing to your advantage, feel free to contact us.

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